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Thin And Thinning Hair: Which Short Cut To Choose?


Do you have fine, thinning hair and are looking for a solution to give it natural volume? Go for a short haircut! Square, pixie, or even bob, short cuts will help you create the illusion of thicker hair.

Thin And Thinning Hair: Which Short Cut To Choose?

It is not always easy to know how to style your hair when you have thin, thinning hair. How is it possible to restore volume and thickness while removing material? Contrary to what you may think, shortcuts can create the illusion of thicker hair. By focusing the volume and the look on the high head, you can fool anyone.

Pixie cut, square cut, the famous “bob”, the gradient, or even the boyish cut... these are all short haircuts that there are solutions to cheat and compensate for the thin and thinning hair that you want. probably lead a hard life. There are also other quick and easy techniques that you can use to maintain the illusion or increase the volume effect and densify your hair so that it looks fuller.

The cuts and hairstyles to adopt for fine and thinning hair

Even if it seems paradoxical, the more you cut your hair, the more it gives it volume. The gaze is focused more and more on the top of the head, giving the illusion of thick hair. Smart, isn't it?

However, your thinning hair can give you away if you cut too much. You risk the raplapla effect. So you have to strike a balance between a short hairstyle to create thickness, but with a minimum of length so that you do not end up with too little hair.

Obviously, it is best to go to the salon of a professional hairdresser to have your hair cut. In addition to a successful cut, he. She will advise you on the treatments to apply to keep your hair voluminous and fill in the sparse areas.

Square (short or long)

We all know this straight cut is more or less long according to the desires of each one. Thanks to the square-cut, you will concentrate and especially structure the volume. It will allow you to focus attention on a small part of the hair. Remember, the shorter the hairstyle, the thicker the hair looks.

Square (short or long) | Thin And Thinning Hair: Which Short Cut To Choose?
Selena Gomez wearing a mid-length blonde bob.


Italian, French, classic, or even Bixie... the least we can say is that you have the choice! The bob is one of those short cuts that add structure and thickness to the hair. It will be perfect for you. Blonde, red-haired, curly, or straight hair ... in short, this is the go-to cut that suits everyone. It should stop at the jawbone or a few inches below. This very structured hairstyle is sufficient on its own.

Bob | Thin And Thinning Hair: Which Short Cut To Choose?
Taylor Swift with a structured bob and straight bangs.



This is the long version of the bob. This shortcut allows the roundest faces to become more refined, but also to keep lengths to continue to tie your hair and sport the hairstyles you want. If the bob still seems too short (short) to you, its longer little brother, the lob, will be the perfect compromise.

Lob | Thin And Thinning Hair: Which Short Cut To Choose?
Charlotte Lebon sporting a lob (long bob).


At the intersection of the mullet cut and the pixie cut, we find the lop. This trendy cut with layered lengths at the back of the scalp but with very tapered locks on the top creates the perfect volume effect to help hide sparse areas of the scalp.

Lop | Thin And Thinning Hair: Which Short Cut To Choose?
Úrsula Corberó carrying a lop.

Mixie cut

Between the mullet and a pixie cut, the Mixie cut is ultra rock and roll! With the upper strands very degraded, it brings volume on the top while maintaining the lengths of the underside. Ingenious and very trendy on Instagram.

Mixie cut | Thin And Thinning Hair: Which Short Cut To Choose?
Demie Lovato with a mixie cut.

Pixie cut

This vintage cut that the stars of the 80s and 90s wore is still in vogue. The least that can be said is that this haircut knows how to create volume on the flattest hair. Its very tapered degraded effect adds amplitude. Perfect for fine hair. Be careful, however, not to degrade and/or fray too much: you risk creating the opposite effect and losing volume.

Pixie cut | Thin And Thinning Hair: Which Short Cut To Choose?
The pixie cut on a polar blonde.

Boyish cut

Like the pixie cut, the boyish cut can give you as much volume as it can lose you. If done right, this haircut can be the perfect solution to your thin and thinning hair.

Boyish cut | Thin And Thinning Hair: Which Short Cut To Choose?
Charlize Theron with a boyish cut.


This is a great way to bring looks to the top of your hair and build volume at the base of the head. Prefer it as full as your new cut: too thick bangs on too thin and thinning hair could ruin your efforts. It is better to have a more discreet bang than too large in the case of fine hair.

Fringe | Thin And Thinning Hair: Which Short Cut To Choose?
Sophie Marceau with curtain bangs.

How to give volume to fine and thinning hair?

Above all, you have to know how to take care of your fine hair so as not to weigh it down or give it that flat effect. To do this, avoid using products that contain oils or have a creamy texture. These, in addition to greasing your scalp quickly, will tend to stick them.

There are also other techniques that you can combine with each other to maximize your chances.


Volumizing shampoos

Volumizing shampoos are one of the many solutions to restore fullness to your cut but also fill in the sparse areas of your scalp. However, they are only a temporary solution since you are not supposed to wash your hair every day, or else it will make it greasy and thinner.


For the illusion to be as flawless as a David Copperfield magic trick, backcombing the top of your hair, but the lengths below. Section your hair into 2 parts: the top and the bottom. Tie the upper part and backcomb the lower strands from the roots and the beginning of the lengths.

The hairdryer

While it's a nightmare for thick, curly hair, a hairdryer can save your money. Drying your hair from the ends to the roots will create natural thickness. If, when done, your hair looks more like a mountain of knots than anything else, don't panic. Just come and re-style your hair with your fingers. If you use a comb or a brush, you will most likely ruin all your efforts.

The coloring spray for the roots

It allows you to perfectly camouflage the visible roots like the places of the skull most devoid of hair. Be careful, however, to distribute the product evenly over your scalp so as not to arouse suspicion.

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