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What Hair Color Is Best For Thin Hair?


Thin hair: These 5 hair colors are perfect for this and you should stay away from these 5...

Almost every day there are new hair color trends that we absolutely want to try. But not all are suitable for every hair structure. We show which colors you should stay away from with thin hair and which you should try instead.

What Hair Color is Best for Thin Hair?

These 5 Hair Colors are Perfect for Thin Hair

The hair colors that are suitable for it are as different as the hair structure. Especially people who have thin hair should pay attention to certain things when choosing a color. Erica Conan, Head of Training at ColorProof, explains what these are.

Hands off: One hair color
Instead: Different color dimensions

Especially when we use the dye ourselves in lockdown, we tend to try just one color for the entire hair. This is easy to apply and usually achieves a satisfactory result. But Erica Conan advises people with thin hair against this unless they want to touch up regularly. Such an all-over color fades quickly and thus puts even more focus on the disadvantages that thin hair brings with it. Hair color with different pigmentations, on the other hand, distracts from it and does not draw attention to the thin areas.

Hands off: Strong approach
Instead: Conscious Shadow Roots

It often only lasts a few weeks and the beginning, which many perceive as unsightly, emerges. According to the expert, you should make sure that the color difference between the color and the roots is not too extreme. Instead, shadow roots are suitable, i.e. strands that are created with many different coloring techniques and several shades and thus also provide more fullness.

Hands off: Strong approach | What Hair Color is Best for Thin Hair?
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Hands off: Large areas of color
Instead: Strategic highlights

This tip seems simple: "By adding multiple tones and using different coloring techniques, hair can look thicker and fuller." Here, for example, face-framing highlights such as "Money Piece Hair", blonde baby lights, or the coloring technique balayage are suitable.

Hands off: A paint that requires a lot of maintenance
Instead: Color with little maintenance

Proper color care is always important, but it's even more important when it comes to thin hair. Especially multi-tonal, i.e. fused hair colors, make care easier because they grow out quite inconspicuously. "This is especially important for those with thin, naturally blonde hair who are opting for a darker or red shade. As your natural color grows out, your roots will look dramatically lighter, even if you go just a few shades darker than your natural color When your hair is naturally thin and light-colored, it can sometimes look extra thin and even resemble bald patches in some areas," the expert told Who What Wear.

Hands off: Dramatic color differences
Instead: Natural-looking colors

Even if multidimensional hair colors are suitable for thin hair, we still don't want to be dictated to and sometimes just go with just one shade. Of course, this cannot be completely ruled out, in this case, it is only important that the selected shade does not differ too much from the natural hair color. According to Erica Conan, this reduces the risk that a lighter root will make the hair appear even thinner or that a darker root will weigh down the hair.

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