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Which Vitamins To Restore Vitality To The Hair?


Your hair is brittle, it has lost vitality. You don't know what to do to restore them to their former glory. Certain vitamins can have beneficial effects on your scalp. Explanations...

Vitamins, which are particularly found in food, have many benefits for our body. Some of them are particularly beneficial for the hair, including vitamins B, E, C, and D. How do they work? And above all, where to find them and how to consume them?

But before understanding what vitamins are essential for the body, we must understand the reasons for hair loss.

Which vitamins to restore vitality to the hair?
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Hair loss is natural

"We lose an average of 50 to 100 hairs per day", informs Marie-Pascale Ballet, founder of the OMUM brand. Rest assured, this is completely normal. To do this, it is about understanding the hair cycle. This breaks down into three phases. “An anagen phase (the longest) during which the hair grows. This stage lasts between 5 and 6 years. It is often longer in women than in men, ”explains the specialist. “A catagen phase (between 2 and 4 weeks) which corresponds to a period of rest during which the hair stops growing. During this period, the hair bulb decreases in size and slowly rises to the surface of the scalp, breaking off communication with the blood system and causing the hair to die ”. Finally, "A telogen phase (between 3 and 4 months) during which the hair falls naturally, under the action of external aggressions (brushing, friction) and the pressure of the new hair (follicle in the anagen phase) forming in the scalp ". This cycle occurs between 20 and 25 times in a lifetime and affects all of our 150,000 hairs!

Certain factors promote hair loss

Beyond the normal life cycle of a hair, certain factors can cause or accelerate its loss. Starting with the fluctuation of hormones. What woman has not lost her hair by handfuls after pregnancy? “During pregnancy, a pregnant woman often has shiny, thick, and toned hair. The massive increase in estrogen and progesterone hormones stimulates hair vitality and prolongs its lifespan, "says Marie-Pascale Ballet. But after childbirth, the sudden drop in the concentration of these hormones leads to massive hair loss. “A woman loses approximately the equivalent of the hair she should have lost for nine months. In the most severe forms, you can lose up to 20% to 30% of your hair in a few weeks. This is called postpartum fall, "says the specialist. Stress, emotional shock, or fatigue can also explain their fall. "The condition of your scalp reflects your emotional state. Everything is connected! This is referred to as reactive hair loss. It often occurs two to three months after the triggering event. Your hair will then enter the fall phase even before having completed its growth phase ".

Hair loss is also linked to the seasons

“During the summer, we are overexposed to light with the sun's rays. Light stimulates our adrenal glands, located just above each of the two kidneys, through our retinal receptors. They then produce male hormones which cause our hair to regress. Pushed by their replacements (new follicles), the hair gradually falls out over the 3 or 4 months of the telogen phase, so during the fall ", specifies the founder of OMUM. Changes in temperature and sea or pool water are also very aggressive on the hair and weaken it until it falls out. "And this is the fall hair loss! The loss can be quite impressive, before decreasing naturally after a few weeks / months ”.


Vitamins essential for hair vitality

Food supplements, an effective remedy for hair growth

Hair loss is not only linked to deficiencies in vitamins but also in zinc, magnesium, calcium and iron. Hair food supplements are one of the possible remedies to restore vitality. They provide vitamins, especially of group B, as well as zinc and sulfur amino acids, essential for the production of keratin, strengthening and growth of the hair.

Do you suffer from a deficiency in vitamins, nutrients or other trace elements? Here is a selection of products to have at home.

My Nutricosmetic Boost from OMUM

My Nutricosmetic Boost from OMUM | Which vitamins to restore vitality to the hair?

This beauty food supplement promotes growth and strengthens the hair. It is used as a cure at the rate of two capsules per day, for 3 months, which corresponds to the length of the hair cycle.

Beauty gummies from the Miraculous

Beauty gummies from the Miraculous | Which vitamins to restore vitality to the hair?

This food supplement contains 12 vitamins and minerals. Ideal for brittle nails. Vitamin B8 brings shine to the hair, vitamin B6 enhances the action of other vitamins. Zinc improves the growth but also the resistance of the hair. It is recommended to consume two gummies per day.

myVeggie hair, skin and nails

myVeggie hair, skin and nails | Which vitamins to restore vitality to the hair?

This food supplement made in France promotes good growth of the hair fiber. It contains, in particular, zinc, which contributes to maintaining the normal functioning of the hair but also murtilla, a source of antioxidants.

Food supplement from Joone

Food supplement from Joone | Which vitamins to restore vitality to the hair?

This food supplement contains vitamins B6 and B8, blueberry to promote microcirculation of the scalp, nettle to regulate sebum and reduce hair loss, copper and zinc. It is without colorings or aromas.

Biotin from Nutrimea

Biotin from Nutrimea | Which vitamins to restore vitality to the hair?

Biotin, also known as vitamin H, B7 and B8, biotin is essential in the body. These food supplements help cover his daily needs. This product is enriched with zinc and selenium, nutrients and minerals essential for hair growth.


Organic spirulina from Onatera

Organic spirulina from Onatera | Which vitamins to restore vitality to the hair?

Rich in zinc, iron, antioxidants, proteins and B vitamins, spirulina, this little algae concentrates all the elements necessary for hair vitality.

Some additional tips for healthy hair

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