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Anti-Aging: Remedy For Wrinkles By Saccharifying The Skin


Refined sugar is known to be unhealthy for the body and even harmful in excess. Not only because it can be responsible for food cravings and love handles, tooth decay, nervous restlessness, and sleep disorders. In addition, sugar can also significantly accelerate the skin aging process and the formation of wrinkles. How to actively counteract this so-called glycation, i.e. the saccharification of the skin, and which skincare textures help.

Wrinkles from Sugar? In this way, skin aging can be slowed down

Wrinkles from Sugar? In this way, skin aging can be slowed down | Anti-aging: Remedy For Wrinkles By Saccharifying The Skin
Sugar molecules stick together and damage the skin cells from the inside...

Wrinkles from Sugar? In this way, skin aging can be slowed down | Anti-aging: Remedy For Wrinkles By Saccharifying The Skin
A pure, fine-pored complexion is considered an ideal of beauty...

This is why saccharification makes the skin more wrinkles

Glycation is a natural metabolic process that changes the tissue fibers and structures of the skin and takes place in the body anyway - from around 30 years of age, the tendency is increasing. This saccharification process mainly affects the proteins responsible for the structure and firmness of the skin, collagen, and elastin. So-called A.G.E. (Advanced Glycation Endproducts), i.e. the molecules resulting from the connection of sugar and proteins sustain the fibers so that the skin visibly loses elasticity, sags, and wrinkles. Increasing age and a careless lifestyle or diet drive this process further and accelerate skin aging noticeably. Oxidative stress, UV radiation, alcohol, or nicotine can also be additional factors.

This is how you can counteract glycation


1. A balanced diet

The individual degree of glycation depends on how often and how much you eat sugary foods. Carbohydrates and alcoholic beverages are also included because they are converted into sugar by the metabolism. This results in the most important trick to actively counteract saccharification (and premature aging) of the skin: a diet low in sugar and carbohydrates. In addition to the obvious sources of sugar such as sweets, pastries, pasta, and ready-made meals as well as soft drinks and cocktails, marinated foods should also be removed from the diet because the tasty crust contains ingredients that promote glycation. Gravy and soy sauce are also included. Instead of sweet fruit, it is better to choose sour varieties, such as firm nectarines, apples and pears, berries, and citrus fruits. Tip: If necessary (e.g. when baking) use sugar-free sweeteners and sugar alternatives, such as xylitol or stevia.

2. Coordinated skincare

One of the most effective keys to stop the saccharification of the skin is what is known as L-carnosine, a natural and endogenous active ingredient. As a highly effective di-peptide (specifically, it is made up of the two amino acids alanine and histidine), L-carnosine adheres to the sugar molecules in the lock and key principle - even before the sugar fuses with the collagen fibers - and in this way prevents them Glycation. Ideal as a highly effective component of modern anti-aging textures, for example in day creams, fluids, toners, or serums, which then act as a fountain of youth, rid the skin of sugar and restore its youthful elasticity and purity.

2. Coordinated skincare | Anti-aging: Remedy For Wrinkles By Saccharifying The Skin
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