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"Cord Knot Bun" Is Perfect For Summer - And Can Be Done In 5 Minutes


Are you looking for a quick but elegant hairstyle for the summer? We have just the thing for you!

"Cord Knot Bun" is Perfect for Summer - and can be done in 5 minutes
Bun hairstyles come to the rescue on those days when our greasy hair gives us a bad hair day!

"Cord Knot Bun" is Perfect for Summer - and can be done in 5 minutes
We'll tell you how to style the "Cord Knot Bun" trend look.

We all know it: sometimes your hair just doesn't want to go the way you want it to in the morning or you don't have time to wash it freshly. The solution for all bad hair days: A quick, uncomplicated bun. Especially when the days are getting warmer again, the airy hairstyle is perfect, keeps annoying strands out of our faces, and still looks chic. You don't just want to tie your hair together, but you also want the hairstyle to look like something? Then we have a perfect trend look for you here - and it only takes you five minutes!

This particular look involves a bun tied low at the nape of the neck. The name "cord knot" comes from the technique: the ponytail is first twisted - so it resembles a cord - and then rolled up. This causes the overall look to look super casual. If you like, you are welcome to loosen a few strands at the front, which loosely frame your face.

Step-by-step instructions

Here's how the cord knot bun works in less than five minutes:

  1. First, tie a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. The top hair does not have to be strictly tied, a few strands can play around the face at the front.
  2. Wrap your hair tie around your hair until you can twist it and hold the loop open with your fingers.
  3. Now, twist the lengths of hair in one direction until they form a nice twisted pattern, and hold the end to keep them from springing back.
  4. Pull the braid just a little bit through the hair tie to create a small arch.
  5. Wrap the remaining lengths of hair around the resulting bun.
  6. Secure everything with bobby pins.

Tip: If you want more volume, you can work a texturizing Seasalt spray into your hair beforehand.

"Cord Knot Bun" is Perfect for Summer - and can be done in 5 minutes
"Cord Knot Bun" is Perfect for Summer - and can be done in 5 minutes
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Who does the Cord Knot Bun suit?

This trendy hairstyle is perfect for women with medium to long hair in particular, as it takes a certain length of hair to create the cord effect. If you have long hair, it's also particularly refreshing when it's getting hot outside and you have to tie your hair up.

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