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This Cool Home Office Hairstyle Can Be Done In 3 Minutes


Get up, tie your hair, and off to the computer? A home office is also different! Start the day fresh with this quick hairstyle.

This cool home office hairstyle can be done in 3 minutes
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Today's trends are so fast-paced that we are constantly surprised by comebacks from earlier decades. Whether in fashion, in the beauty sector, or in hairstyles: trends from the 60s, 70s, and 90s will probably always keep their charm and continue to accompany us. Many of them confusingly similar to the original, many reinterpreted. In 2021, we're not only looking forward to boxy blazers with shoulder pads or the eye-catching cat-eye eyeliner from the 50s and 60s. A very special hairstyle conquered our hearts again this year. The best thing about her: You can do it in just three minutes.

Perfect home office hairstyle

Perfect home office hairstyle | This cool home office hairstyle can be done in 3 minutes
Instagram: @jenatkinhair

The perfect home office hairstyle is two thin, braided braids close to the face on either side. Model Hailey Bieber shows that this 2000s look can also be worn by adult women and just looks great. The two braids make the hairstyle look exciting, elaborate, and sophisticated at first glance, but there is a maximum of three minutes of styling time behind it. Hence the perfect hairstyle for the home office!

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