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Best Haircuts For Women Over 40


If you are over 40, then one of these hairstyles should be considered.

4 great haircuts for women over 40 | Best haircuts for women over 40

4 great haircuts for women over 40

4 great haircuts for women over 40 | Best haircuts for women over 40

These hairstyles should be worn if you are over 40.

Who says that women over 40 should always have short hair? None! Long hair can also look stunning with the right styling.

We have to admit, however: short hairstyles are a very special eye-catcher for women over 40. But let's start a little longer:

Long bob with bangs

A pony is especially suitable for women with a high forehead. This draws attention to the rest of the face and also highlights the entire hairstyle. The long bob looks particularly good on women with thick hair. Although the natural volume is not decisive: A long bob should always have a few waves and not lie too smoothly on the head. We especially like the look on US actress Jessica Alba.

Long bob with bangs | Best haircuts for women over 40

Long waves

With her red mane, Julianne Moore shows how great long hair can look in women over 40. The actress's hair is particularly beautiful with the light waves. This hairstyle is perfect for women who have a slight rounder face and natural curls. Because the longer the hair, the more movement there should be in the hairstyle. Very straight hair that hangs down flat on the head can quickly look unkempt. This effect can also be achieved very easily with special care products and curling iron.

Long waves | Best haircuts for women over 40


Naughty styled bob

The wild bob looks especially great on women with distinctive facial features and naturally straight and thick hair. Just like with model Mila Jovovich, who wears her dark brown bob with a side parting. Short hairstyles, especially those with bangs, however, require a lot of maintenance. The tips should be trimmed every four to six weeks.

Naughty styled bob | Best haircuts for women over 40


Oscar winner Charlize Theron has seen a lot of hairstyles, but we really liked the blonde pixie. Even if the pixie might look a bit masculine at first glance, with the right styling it becomes really elegant. Again, the tips should be trimmed regularly so that the look remains cheeky and the hair does not look frayed. Particularly suitable for women with narrow, distinctive faces.

Pixie | Best haircuts for women over 40

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