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A Healthy Diet Helps With Pimples And Impure Skin

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Anti-pimple diet: A healthy diet improves impure skin – these foods are the most important. This is how the anti-pimple diet works...

Impure skin that is prone to pimples and blackheads needs a lot of attention and, in addition to the right care products, a diet tailored to the skin type. Because not only by using the right beauty products externally but also from the inside out, the complexion can be refined and the blooming of acne, as well as irritations due to intolerance, can be effectively prevented. We spoke to dermatologists and put together the most important foods in an effective anti-pimple diet.

A healthy diet helps with pimples and impure skin
Pimple? Blemished skin? Eating the right food, including a special diet, can help.

Pimples and impure skin: These foods should be reduced in the anti-pimple diet

Fatty and fried

It's actually clear: What drips and drips with oil isn't good for your figure or your skin. Because the superfluous, mostly saturated fatty acids from fried or roasted calorie bombs (French fries and other fast foods are really bad, but also fried potatoes, sausages, and meatballs) are stored as a waste product directly in the fat pads or disposed of through the skin. The result: increased sebum production, clogged, inflamed pores, pimples, blackheads, and an oily sheen on the skin.

Sugar and sweets

Sugar, especially refined white sugar, reacts with the skin's protein, clogs the collagen fibers and the pores, and inhibits the skin's metabolic, cleansing and regeneration processes. As a result, the tissue becomes significantly less elastic and more susceptible to inflammation, impurities, and pimples. This also applies to sugary drinks and fruit.


Salty and heavily spiced

Salt binds water and removes important moisture from the skin, while at the same time the skin reacts to salty and spicy foods with increased sweating and greater sebum production, which in turn can result in more impurities, blackheads and pimples, and even irritations such as redness or itching. Applies especially to snacks, chips, and tacos.

Foods with a high glycemic index

According to current scientific studies, in addition to the obvious skin problems, other food groups can also be responsible for impure skin, pimples, and irritations. According to a study by Harvard University Medical School, blood sugar levels are not just the key to a healthy body. Foods with a high glycemic index (GI) are also said to be able to trigger blemishes, pimples, and acne.

According to the GI diet, the group of carbohydrates can be divided into "good carbohydrates" (with a low GI value) and "bad carbohydrates" (with a high GI value). The latter is immediately converted into sugar by the body, which in turn has a negative effect on the metabolism, skin health, and complexion (see above). For an effective anti-pimple diet, dermatologists, therefore, recommend reducing foods such as white bread, pizza, pasta, cornflakes, cakes, pastries, and types of fruit with high sugar content, such as watermelons or strawberries, in addition to the no-gos already mentioned.

Foods with a high glycemic index | A healthy diet helps with pimples and impure skin
Cakes and pastries have a high GI value.

Cow milk products

Cow's milk is said to stimulate the production of androgens, i.e. increase the number of endogenous hormones that have been shown to promote the development of blemishes and acne. In addition, more and more people are reacting to cow's milk or cow's milk products with lactose intolerance, which can manifest itself not only in gastrointestinal problems but also in skin irritation and pimples. Since the intolerance can also develop gradually, in case of doubt and at least for a certain period of time, dairy products, especially fresh milk and dairy products with a full-fat content, should be avoided completely and the skin reaction observed.

Tip: In addition to a diet low in sugar, fat, and salt, a consistent skincare program with the right products tailored to your skin type is essential.

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