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Here Is The Must-Have Bun Of Summer... (It'S Easy To Do)


During the summer months, shoulder-length to long hair can be difficult to manage when it's down in the heat. Easy-to-make ties are therefore the hairstyles of choice to turn to avoid heatstroke. That's good news, a new canon bun but very easy to reproduce promises to be the trendy hairstyle of the summer: the knot cord bun. We present it to you!

Here Is The Must-Have Bun Of Summer... (It's Easy To Do)
Instagram: @emmachenartistry

Nothing like a charming bun to hold our lengths while flaunting a pretty hairstyle! An accomplice of medium to long hair, this timeless tie keeps reinventing itself year after year to continue to enhance our hair while remaining at the forefront of the trend. It is clear that we will not back up the bun with beauticians by saying that the bun is a must in the hair wardrobe, regardless of the season. But right now, it's especially its knot cord version that is becoming popular as the sunny day's approach. You can see it everywhere on Instagram without knowing its name, and it is thus shaping up to be one of the must-have hairstyle trends of the summer.

What is a knot cord bun?

It’s this bun carelessly tied at the back of the neck that we recognize in many Instagram photos and that takes its name precisely from its resemblance to the marine knots that are made in a few turns of the rope. But don't be fooled by its subtly combed-disheveled look and seeming complexity, this canon chignon actually doesn't require any special skill in either knotting or really styling for that matter. The proof in the tutorial!

What is a knot cord bun? | Here Is The Must-Have Bun Of Summer... (It's Easy To Do)
Instagram: @emmachenartistry




How to make a knot cord bun?

As you can see in the video above, this bun tied at the back of the neck is ultimately very easy to replicate. You just need to have your hair at least at shoulder level, and just a few minutes in front of you to achieve it in a twist of the wick!
Good news for curly hair too: you don't have to spend hours straightening your hair with a straightener before going to the hairdressing step to sport this beautiful summer bun, it can also be worn with curls.

How to make a knot cord bun? | Here Is The Must-Have Bun Of Summer... (It's Easy To Do)
Instagram: @erickinvisible

What you will need:

Step 1. Separate two framing strands from the rest of your hair, barely parting in the middle of your hairline in the front, so that the strands dress your face after styling. It will also allow you to easily tie up your hair if your cut is degraded.

Step 2. Then pull your hair back so that you have the rest of your lengths at the back of your neck.

Step 3. Gather your hair as if to make a low ponytail at the nape of the neck then take your elastic.

Step 4. Begin to tie your hair in a low tail when making the first round of elastic, but do not pass the entire quilt made in the elastic on the second round, so as to obtain a wide loop of elastic. hair that will be the base of your knotted bun and that a nice length of ends remain free and also protrude from the clip.

Step 5. Then adjust the volume of the hairstyle a little by gently pulling on a few strands to restore volume to the roots.

Step 6. Take the tips of the hair left free and wrap them casually around the elastic, twisting them slightly on themselves, to camouflage the attachment of the bun while giving volume to this lock. Secure with the flat pin, making sure to slip it wisely between your strands so that it is invisible in your hair.

Step 7. All you have to do is spray a veil of lacquer for fixation and the knot cord bun is tied!

Our advice for a successful knot cord bun on fine hair:

While with naturally thick hair, the hair is generally easy to arrange and the hairstyle is created effortlessly, this is not always the case with thin hair. Never mind, styling products come to our rescue to put us on an equal footing. Indeed, the success of your hairstyle then depends only on good preparation of the hair, which, rest assured, only takes one or two additional minutes. You just need to texturize your locks a little beforehand with a texturizing spray, a volumizing mist, or a styling powder, to give them more volume and give them better grip. It's the detail that makes all the difference in flaunting a beautiful hairstyle that doesn't lack dimension and avoiding the raplapla effect that thin hair sometimes takes on, even when it's tied back.

We will show you the procedure to follow, with the preparation of fine hair this time:

Our advice for a successful knot cord bun on fine hair: | Here Is The Must-Have Bun Of Summer... (It's Easy To Do)
Instagram: @emmachenartistry




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