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Kristen Stewart: Her New "Bardot Bangs" Make You Want To Try The Hairstyle Yourself


Kristen Stewart was surprised in a TV interview with bangs like Brigitte Bardot - now we also want to wear the hairstyle.

Kristen Stewart: Her New "Bardot Bangs" Make You Want To Try The Hairstyle Yourself

This hairstyle is the style of Brigitte Bardot is ideal for everyone who has not yet dared to get a pony

We're used to some very extreme changes in Kristen Stewart's appearance, but mostly in a completely different direction than her most recent transformation. Platinum blonde hair, bald head, mullet: the actress has tried some of the boldest hairstyles (with great success). What we didn't expect was her recent switch to a classic cut with bangs, reminiscent of the French muses of the '60s and '70s. Maybe that's your next scandalous action. And yes, just like her previous makeovers, we want to replicate this one too.

Kristen Stewart: Her New "Bardot Bangs" Make You Want To Try The Hairstyle Yourself
Kristen Stewart in Stephen Colbert's "Late Show"

During her recent appearance on Stephen Colbert's late-night show, which included promoting her new movie Spencer, in which she plays Lady Di - another radical change, by the way - the actress debuted her new look. With a sophisticated updo, she caught the eye, especially because of her new pony. The most important features? Very dense strands that are straighter and shorter in the middle and longer towards the sides, with a gradient at the ends for a natural and harmonious finish. In other words, curtain bangs frame the face perfectly. While it's not as wide as the one that's been so popular with French women in recent years, it's suitable for those who don't dare cut their hair, as you can just comb it to one side and let it grow out.

Stewart contrasted the brave hairstyle with dark make-up and a masculine outfit

In this way, Kristen Stewart joins the trend of the seventies, which has been enjoying great success in the world of fashion and beauty for a few years, evoking the legendary fringes that made Brigitte Bardot famous and recently restyled by the model Sara Sampaio was rediscovered. The actress opted for a dark-toned makeup look and a tuxedo-style outfit. In other words, the perfect balance between this rather naïve hairstyle and the serious cut of her clothes, which also represents a break from her usual appearances, where she usually wears more casual hairstyles - from sleek gelled back to an all-natural one side parting. But whether paired with a look like an artist's or paired with a sundress as Bardot would wear, it's clear that the bangs get you in the spring spirit right away.

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