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Beauty Trend: Red Lips In Everyday Life Never Go Out Of Style


It's a rare sight. A passer-by walks quickly through the pedestrian zone, two things stay in the memory: her flowing trench coat and her bright red lips. When was the last time you consciously noticed lipstick? Red lipstick will never go out of style, even if it is currently worn less due to the mask. He always looks dramatic, these days stronger than ever. Creative minds are also aware of the power of red pigments. So you saw the classic color on the lips of the models during the fashion weeks for spring/summer 2021. At Saint Laurent, for example, at Dolce & Gabbana and also at Balmain, Blumarine, and many other houses.

Why red lips never go out of style?

Why red lips never go out of style? | Beauty Trend: Red Lips In Everyday Life Never Go Out Of Style
Make-up that never goes out of style: red lips and (almost) nothing else, as seen at Balmain...

Beauty trend: Red lips in spring and summer 2021

The good news: The color of the season has a bluish cast and is flattering on all skin types. The finish is matte, not glossy. The rest of the makeup can be simple, but it doesn't have to be. For every level of "more drama" there is a suitable step up in terms of eye make-up. The three most beautiful inspirations below.

3 ideas for makeup with red lips


1. Puristic like Balmain

Deep red lips and nothing else. No mascara, no eye shadow - this was the puristic make-up of the models for the Balmain Spring/Summer 2021 collection. A timeless look, made for Parisian gallery owners. What is important with this way of wearing red lipstick: The complexion should look healthy and glow. It is, therefore, best to hide impurities with a concealer, make-up, or tinted day cream.

1. Puristic like Balmain | Beauty Trend: Red Lips In Everyday Life Never Go Out Of Style
Puristic: For the Balmain spring/summer collection, the models wore deep red lips and little make-up...

2. Spirited like Dolce & Gabbana

With the red lipstick, the models at Dolce & Gabbana wore a smokey cat-eye in a brownish shade. The eyebrows were subtly trimmed and elegantly curved. A shape that Big Brows, the very broad natural brows of recent years, could soon replace. With this make-up, Dolce & Gabbana stayed true to the DNA of their house: Sicilian and spirited. This look makes for a dramatic entrance.

2. Spirited like Dolce & Gabbana | Beauty Trend: Red Lips In Everyday Life Never Go Out Of Style
Red lips, accurately emphasized brows, and a strict center parting: Dolce & Gabbana saw this beautiful look for spring/summer 2021...

3. Heavenly like at Blumarine

Lots of eye shadow in fuchsia, plus red lips - Blumarine showed this daring and winning combination for spring/summer 2021. Pure drama: the eye shadow reached the temples. Although a lot of colors were used, the look still seemed light. That was because of the Dewy Glow, which make-up artist Inge Grognard relied on. In other words: The skin looks healthy and moisturized. For such an effect, do not powder the tip of your nose or apply a touch of highlighter without glitter particles.

3. Heavenly like at Blumarine | Beauty Trend: Red Lips In Everyday Life Never Go Out Of Style
Pink eyeshadow for red lips? This works, as the Blumarine beauty look for spring/summer 2021 proves...

How do you apply red lipstick?

For an impressive result, trace the contours of your lips with a lip liner in the same color. Then paint over the lips with a pencil to create a base. Finally, apply the lipstick with a brush. The pedestrian zone will be yours. Promised.

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