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7 Things Women With Perfect Hair Get Right


Do you want perfect hair like the stars? We reveal 7 tricks on how you can get healthy and perfect hair even without a top stylist...

7 Things Women With Perfect Hair Get Right
Perfect hair like the stars...

The stars show us how - perfect hair every day. Since we, unfortunately, do not have a three-person styling team, we are always trying to find new products and trendy hairstyles to get the most out of our hair. But that is not necessary at all. We'll tell you seven simple tricks that women with beautiful hair know:

1. You avoid heat stylings

Admittedly, women with slightly wavy or frizzy hair in particular sometimes cannot avoid straightening irons, curling irons, etc. Stylists recommend heated hair curlers, which are especially gentle on the hair as they don't get excessively hot. If you cannot do without a hairdryer and straightening iron in your daily hair routine, use a heat protection spray for your hair. This is part of the hair routine for women with perfect hair. And they don't make that one straightening iron mistake we all do.

2. You sleep on silk

In the future, sleep on silk, because the soft texture of silk does not tousle your hair as much as that of cotton. This will make your hair softer.

3. You don't skimp on conditioners

Just like our skin, the scalp needs moisture. As a rule, every time you wash your hair, take conditioner too.


4. You eat healthily

A healthy diet is a prerequisite for beautiful hair. Iron, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids in particular give hair shine, volume and promote growth.

5. You are consuming important vitamins

To find out if your hair is lacking essential vitamins, see how healthy your skin and nails are. For example, if your skin is dry and flaky and your nails are brittle, chances are your hair needs more maintenance too. Biotin (vitamin H), contained in oat flakes, rice, or egg yolks, is particularly important for beautiful hair and prevents hair loss. In addition, vitamins A, B, and C have a positive effect on the structure of the hair.

6. You don't spend too much time in the sun

Too much sun not only harms our skin but also our hair. To prevent this from happening, top stylists recommend using a leave-in conditioner that won't wash out every other day. Careful application from the center of the head to the tips prevents damage from UV rays, wind, and saltwater. When styling afterward, women with wow hair know these 5 styling sins and are meticulous to avoid them.

7. You take a cold shower

Don't wash your hair too hot. Excessive heat takes the volume out of your hair, while lukewarm water creates a nice lather and is still warm enough to cleanse your hair. Always wash care products with cold water, as this closes the cuticle.

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