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Do You Have A Round Face? These Hairstyles Are Ideal For You


A round face can be perfectly staged with the right hairstyle. We have selected for you the most beautiful haircuts that are flattering.

Do You Have A Round Face? These Hairstyles Are Ideal For You

The right hairstyle for round faces

There is the right women's hairstyle for every type. However, many women worry that a short cut in particular will make their own appearance appear thicker. But the fact is that a hairstyle for chubby women can look beautiful at any length.

A round face gives women a much softer appearance. The face appears warm and charming. The hairstyle should emphasize this with sufficient volume. However, a razor-short hairstyle is less suitable, as is a ponytail tied strictly back.

For example, voluminous hairstyles conceal fuller cheeks or a double chin. Both are typical of a round face. If you are flirting with a short hairstyle for chubby women for grooming reasons, it is important that your hair falls loosely.

Short is not the same as short

As with other cuts, the short hairstyle does not have a fixed length. A round face is best shown off with slightly longer strands. In everyday life, you can use waves and curls to create volume in your hair and style it differently over and over again.

The gentle waves and the fullness that goes with them stretch your face. Fuller cheeks are no longer noticeable and the gentle waves underline your warm radiance.

A round face can also be emphasized very well with a fringe. Your hairdresser will make sure that the bangs are not too short. In addition, rigid cuts and lengths are rather unfavorable here. Preference is given to side-styled ponies with tiers. The bangs get significantly more volume and the forehead appears higher overall. This also achieves a stretching face shape.

Short is not the same as short | Do You Have A Round Face? These Hairstyles Are Ideal For You
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The perfect short hairstyle for a round face

There are various cuts that have prevailed and proven themselves as a hairstyle for chubby people. One of them is the Garcón cut, which is a classic short hairstyle. With the garcón cut, your hair stays quite short on both the sides and the back of your head. However, the hairdresser will opt for a significantly longer top coat on the top of the head. This brings the necessary volume to the hairstyle and also makes your face appear narrower.

The length of the hair on the top of the head is particularly important for a short hairstyle for plump women, because only here can the proportions be stretched. Chubby women should therefore consciously decide against a pixie cut. Here the hair is very short both on the sides and on the top of the head, which emphasizes the round face shape.

But even with the right length, you have to style a short hairstyle every day so that the strands bring the necessary volume.

The perfect short hairstyle for a round face | Do You Have A Round Face? These Hairstyles Are Ideal For You


Bob: the classic for round faces

A very beautiful and equally popular hairstyle for chubby people is the bob. The advantage here lies in the length of the hair, which can be styled with volume in just a few simple steps. It is particularly important with a bob that the fringe is not too smooth. Furthermore, you have to work with steps here. Pony cuts that are too straight tend to have a negative effect on the faces of slightly overweight women.

The bob comes with some risks for chubby faces that cannot be underestimated. With a round face, it is important that the strands do not end exactly at the height of the chin. Instead, the bob should be either shorter or longer. In the short variant, the hair reaches the earlobe. Here you do without a lot of volume on the sides so as not to emphasize the round face shape too much. A bad styling of the short bob is a risk, especially with a chubby face.

The long bob, which can also be worked with waves and curls, is much simpler and more pleasing. The upside is that such a versatile hairstyle tends to distract from the round face.

Bob: the classic for round faces | Do You Have A Round Face? These Hairstyles Are Ideal For You
Instagram: @ashleygraham

Tools for the perfect short hairstyle

The work of the hairdresser is on one side, the daily styling is on the other. You should use a few tools for the short hairstyle for chubby people. Of course, a hair dryer is indispensable here, with which you can conjure up a little volume.

Dry shampoo and volume powder are also practical tools that you should use for your short hairstyle. They are easy to use and bring a lot of stability to the strands. It looks a little different with hairspray and wax. Both have the disadvantage that they bring a considerable weight, which also makes the hair appear heavier.

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