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5 Tricks Make Your Bob Look Fuller Now


Our favorite short hairstyle? Clearly, the bob, which in all its facets flatters every woman - even if fine, thin hair is the basic requirement. We reveal 5 styling hacks that will make any bob look fuller in no time!

5 Tricks Make Your Bob Look Fuller Now
The shorter the bob, the fuller and thicker the hair looks.

5 Tricks Make Your Bob Look Fuller Now
You can conjure up even more volume in your hair with our styling tricks.

Hardly any other haircut comes in as many facets as the bob. And even women with thin hair can benefit from the trendy look: the shorter the cut, the fuller and thicker the hair looks. If you still want to get a little more volume in your hair, you can use the following styling tricks to help.

These styling tricks will make your bob look fuller

1. Curtain bangs

Do the so-called curtain bangs tell you what? These are trendy bangs that frame the face from both sides like a curtain. And yes, these bangs are a real guarantee of volume. The hair looks even fuller if you blow-dry the curtain bangs with a round brush.

2. Undone look

Absolutely in trend for years: the undone look - also known as the messy look. For this, light curls are simply twisted into the hair. You can also style your hair to the other side. So your bob looks a lot livelier and of course also fuller!


3. Beach waves

And while we're on the subject of curls - beach waves also conjure up more volume immediately. The magical waves are really impressive and can be done quickly: Simply twist soft curls with straightening iron, let them cool down a little and then comb out. So casual and SO classy at the same time!

4. Blow dry your hair on a round brush

If you want to cheat a little more volume in your bob, you can of course also use a blow dryer and round brush. This not only provides more fullness, but also a lot of momentum. It is best to apply some Volume Mousse to your hair before blow-drying.

5. The right haircut

Last but not least: Of course, you can create the perfect basis for voluminous hair with the haircut yourself. Bob hairstyles that are particularly suitable for this are the side-swept bob, the trendy chin bob, the box bob, or the blunt bob.

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