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Laidback Bob: Perfect New Square Cut For Summer


Do you want a new bob cut as summer approaches? That's good, the latest simple and trendy version of the bucket hat is perfect for the new season.

Laidback Bob: Perfect New Square Cut for Summer

To find inspiration for your next beauty look, nothing like social networks. Moreover, this is where a new version of the square-cut begins to emerge: the laidback bob or "casual square" in French. After the flicky bob and the soft bob, this other version of the bob stands out as one of the new cuts that we will see everywhere this summer. As its name suggests, this version of the square is made for those who love simplicity and chic with a touch of casualness. This haircut stands out with its fuzzy lines and nice volume.

The particularity of this square-cut laidback bob: an unstructured and glamorous effect. “Rather, you have to ask for a tapered cut with very soft lines to create that natural result, even when leaving the salon,” says Hollie Rose Clarke, hairstylist at London Hair salon, in an interview for British Glamour. This square most often stops before the shoulders to clear the head carriage, but you can opt for a shorter or longer version.

Who is the laidback bob for?

Because it is messy with fuzzy lengths and ends, this haircut mostly appeals to straight, wavy, and even slightly curly natures. The laidback bob will create texture, volume, and movement for the finest and smoothest hair.

On the other hand, this trendy version of the bob is to be avoided for curly, frizzy, and frizzy hair. Indeed, these 3 hair textures are already (very) voluminous. You risk pulling up your lengths, concentrating the volume at the roots, and ending up with a bubble cut. However, you can opt for this haircut in a longer version, such as with a very long square, to distribute the volume on the lengths and ends.

Who is the laidback bob for? | Laidback Bob: Perfect New Square Cut for Summer
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