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Back To Blonde: After Gigi Hadid, Jessica Alba Is Now Saying Goodbye To Her Brown Hair


Once upon a time, there was an "expensive brunette": After Gigi Hadid, Jessica Alba is now also swapping her chocolate brown for a light blonde and makes you want a new hair color.

Back to Blonde: After Gigi Hadid, Jessica Alba is Now Saying Goodbye To Her Brown Hair

On Instagram, Jessica Alba shows how she dyes her bob blonde with hairstylist Robert Ramos

2022 seems to be the year of hair transformation so far, and the trend is just really gaining momentum. Especially on the catwalks of Paris Couture Week and Copenhagen Fashion Week, everything seemed to revolve around hair: Valentino surprised with gray hair, Fran Summers presented a black pixie cut, and the latest trend hairstyle comes from Denmark.

These celebrities dye their hair and go back to their former looks

But even off the catwalk, the desire for a new styling among the celebrities seems to be great, because only last week Gigi Hadid presented herself on Instagram again with her typical light blonde hair. As late as fall, the trend was clearly towards dark hair, and alongside Gigi, Selena Gomez, Hailey Bieber, and Sofia Richie also dyed their hair brown tones. But the first is already going back:

After Gigi, Jessica Alba is now switching back to light hair. On her Instagram account, she posted a video of her coloring her chin-length bob from a dark chocolate shade to a sandy blonde with highlights. The 40-year-old actress captioned this rather drastic change with the caption "another day, another hairstyle".

Back to Blonde: After Gigi Hadid, Jessica Alba is Now Saying Goodbye To Her Brown Hair



Jessica Alba stayed true to her dark hair for so long

Hairstylist Robert Ramos is responsible for the change that is conjured up in the clip within a few seconds and with the throwing of a towel. The celebrity hairstylist, who also styles most of singer Kelly Clarkson's hair looks and owns his own beauty brand, Robert Ramos Products, seems to have changed little about the cut other than the color, as Alba still keeps her hair in a slightly layered bob that falls to her chin. It's not the first time Jessica Alba has sported light-colored hair, but she's been consistent since she dyed it from a brown-blonde balayage to a dark shade in June 2021 (which she also shared in an Insta video at the time). color remained. So it's not surprising that with all the hair changes we see everywhere, she wanted to try something different.

It's clear that the actress also looks stunning with this hairstyle, and the fresh color definitely makes us want to try something new! We're excited to see who will follow this trend next - because that seems only a matter of time in 2022.

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