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Celine Dion Redhead? She Trades Her Blonde Hair For A Bold, Flamboyant Coloring


Who says new year says new face for Celine Dion. Has the singer succumbed to a little hair madness? Forgotten her signature blonde, she would have opted for flamboyant red hair color!

Celine Dion redhead? She trades her blonde hair for a bold, flamboyant coloring

It’s a year that’s off to a good start for Celine Dion. Since the abrupt end of her tour following the pandemic, the singer has taken the time to recharge her batteries as close as possible to nature. It is in her native Quebec that the diva posts most of her photos, which she always accompanies with inspiring words and positive texts. After a Christmas celebrated in pajamas alongside her three sons, René-Charles, Nelson, and Eddy, Céline Dion puts on her ski outfit for a snow bath. Wrapped up in a black anorak and red pants, the singer does not hesitate to "hug" a tree whose branches are enveloped in a thick layer of snow. An original way for the 52-year-old artist to send his wishes: “A new year inspires new hope. As we all face incredibly difficult days ahead, let us take good care of ourselves, be kind to one another, and remember that the brighter and happier days will soon be here. May 2021 bring us moments of sweetness, peace, and positivity ”. A message that did not fail to warm the hearts of his community. But one detail catches the attention of keen-eyed fans: “Celine red hair, I repeat, Celine red hair,” one calls out. "I thought I was crazy when I saw this, but it's true! The other responds.

Celine Dion, would she have swapped her blonde hair for a red color? Light effect? Or a real makeover? The visible lengths indeed let appear a flamboyant shade. Its coloring oscillates between mahogany and fiery red. The roots seem to stay rather light. If so, this magnetic coloring is a perfect option in the heart of winter. In addition, she does not hesitate to mention her personal hairdresser in the photo. Should this be seen as a sign of radical change? The future will tell.

Celine Dion's signature hair color

In 2019, Céline Dion became L'Oréal Paris world ambassador for Excellence hair color. Stéphane Lancien, Hair-Artist L'Oréal Paris, revealed in the columns of Gala the secrets of the coloring sported by the singer. “This is a dark blonde, very sensual and luminous, both deep and full of reflections. "The expert forged this style with Celine Dion:" This color works well with her skin tone and highlights the color of her eyes. "And to continue:" When I work with Céline, she is completely involved, concerned. She has a perfect knowledge of hair, she knows all the tricks, all the secrets. She has a very sharp eye. We build, together with choosing the style of the hairstyle. There is a real bond, an exchange between us. It’s a team effort. "

Celine Dion's signature hair color | Celine Dion redhead? She trades her blonde hair for a bold, flamboyant coloring

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