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Getting Rid Of Bags Under The Eyes: This Really Helps

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Just like dark circles, thick bags make us look tired or sick. Who would want that? We'll give you natural tips on how to treat unsightly puffiness and get rid of it once and for all!

Getting rid of bags under the eyes: This really helps
What can be done against bags under the eyes? We have the most effective tips!

Getting rid of bags under the eyes: This really helps
We reveal here which home remedies can help against bags under the eyes.

Puffy eyes and dark circles under the eyes are anything but beautiful and aesthetic. No matter how much make-up we use, bags under the eyes are stubborn and usually make us look older, tired, and unhealthy. How can the unsightly puffiness under the eyes be removed? With a lot of care, sleep, or an operation.

Getting rid of bags under the eyes: This really helps

This is how bags under the eyes develop

Bags under the eyes are usually formed by the build-up of lymph fluid. The tissue below the eyes swells and the lower eyelid swell. Why are bags under the eyes particularly pronounced in the morning? Because the fluid builds up in the fatty tissue of the eyes overnight.

Bad lifestyle habits such as a lot of alcohol or tobacco consumption, stress, too little sport and exercise, unhealthy diet, and little sleep can promote swelling. Genetic predisposition can also be a reason for pronounced bags under the eyes. Bags under the eyes can also be associated with the natural aging process. Because: Our skin loses the elasticity of the connective tissue with increasing age, it wears out, which can result in fat deposits on the lower eyelid.

Getting rid of bags under the eyes: the best tips

No matter how the main thing is that they disappear! For many of those affected, the unsightly eye pads are a cosmetic flaw. There are different treatment options depending on how pronounced the swelling is. From simple home remedies and special care products to aesthetic surgery.

First-aid tips against swelling

Long nights, little sleep - bags under the eyes can quickly form. Even a cold washcloth left on the eye area for a few minutes can help reduce the swelling. Chilled tea bags with chamomile or black tea can also have a calming effect.

The classic: Put two spoons in the freezer and press them gently onto your eyelids if necessary. Fresh air and a brisk walk to the bakery or around the block get the circulation going and the accumulated lymph can be removed more quickly.

Bags under the eyes can be cared for with special creams containing hyaluronic acid and retinol. Concealer and make-up help to hide puffy bags under the eyes and dark circles.

It is also important that you provide your body with sufficient fluids. It is best to drink water or unsweetened tea.


When home remedies don't help

If the swelling occurs frequently and for a long time, a doctor should be consulted. Because bags under the eyes can also indicate a metabolic disorder or an allergy. The doctor can use various tests to find out whether there is a deeper cause of your bags under the eyes.

Fight stubborn bags under the eyes

Many products to combat under-eye bags are offered in pharmacies and drugstores. Not all of them are really effective, and in certain circumstances, they can even make the symptoms worse. The medical beautician or doctor can recommend suitable creams.

If you suffer from under-eye bags permanently, you can undergo aesthetic surgery and have an eyelid lift performed. Excess skin and fatty tissue below the eyes are removed. In addition to a surgical procedure, pronounced bags under the eyes can also be treated with a laser method. The so-called laser skin resurfacing stimulates the body's own collagen production and tightens the skin in a natural way. However, there is usually no long-term effect.

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