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5 Great Styling Tricks For Fine Hair


Do you have particularly thin hair? No problem if you follow the styling and care tips below.

5 great styling tricks for fine hair
These tricks put thin hair in the limelight

Every woman with very fine hair knows the problem: Volume is almost non-existent, the hairstyle usually just hangs flat. With the right tips, however, these problems will be a thing of the past.

Do not apply conditioner to the scalp

It is advisable to use a conditioner every time you wash your hair. It cares for the hair optimally and then makes it easier to style. However, there is one thing to keep in mind: only apply the conditioner from the tips to the middle of the hair. As soon as it gets directly on the scalp, it sticks together with the hair roots and makes the hair greasy faster.

Use the round brush only at the end

Do you use a round brush while blow drying to give your hair more volume? Basically a good idea, but you should only use the brush when the hair is already dry. It's best to blow-dry upside down and simply run your hand wildly through wet hair. Important: do not part beforehand - this will fall automatically later when the hair is blown dry. When the hair is well dried, straighten your head and finish using the round brush.

Spray products into hands first

When using spray care products, avoid spraying the texture directly onto the hair. Even if it is a volume spray, the "drizzle" can flatten the hair. It is best to spray on the hands, rub briefly and knead into the hair. Tap the approach a little with your fingers.


Use light hairspray

Are you using a hold hairspray? Better to switch to a hairspray that only has a light hold. This also serves its purpose for everyday hairstyles and does not flatten the hair. An extra strong hairspray is best to use only for elaborate updos that have to sit all day.

Use hair powder

If you want to give your hair a little extra volume, a special hair powder is recommended. This is given under the top hair with a small pump dispenser and worked in gently with your fingers. The texture helps to tease the hair slightly and loosen up the lower layer of hair a little.

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