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3 Best Volume Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair


You can't combine thin hair and volume? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! For medium length hair, it works very easily with these three beautiful hairstyles.

3 Best Volume Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair
Actress Nina Dobrev shows the way and wears one of the beautiful volume hairstyles.

Women with thin and fine hair often want one thing for their mane: more volume! But despite extensive styling with a hairdryer, curling iron, and the like, the result is usually short-lived. If you want a longer-lasting effect, it is better to go for the right haircut instead. For example, you can conjure up your medium-length hair with these three beautiful, modern hairstyles in no time:

Blunt Bob

Blunt Bob | 3 Best Volume Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair
Instagram: @milena.karl

The blunt bob is not only glamorous, casual, and trendy all in one, but also the perfect choice for all women who want more body for their thin hair. Due to the straight, blunt cut, the strands all end at one length, which visually creates more volume, and the mane immediately looks fuller. The blunt bob can be worn straight as well as with curls or waves. Tip: If you want an extra dose of coolness, you can also choose a pony.


Shag | 3 Best Volume Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair
Instagram: @taylorswift

The shag is uncomplicated, wild, and provides more volume in no time thanks to its tiered cut. It can be worn practically with any hair structure. Since it works best in the undone look, the hairstyle doesn't need a lot of styling either. If you want to bring the casual haircut into shape, all you need to do is comb it and knead some mousse with your fingers, that's it.

Full bangs

Full bangs | 3 Best Volume Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair
Instagram: @rocky_barnes

Pony hairstyles are not only trendy this year, with full bangs, e.g. to a stylish long bob, you can also effortlessly conjure up the volume in thin hair. It also frames the face nicely and flatters the features. Not your cut? Maybe there is the right pony for you here...

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