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Flicked Ponytail: Why We All Just Want To Have This Hairstyle Right Now?


Forget your regular ponytail! The trend hairstyle of the season is flicked ponytail! We'll tell you how to style the trend braid, which particular detail is important, and who it looks best on.

Flicked Ponytail: Why We All Just Want To Have This Hairstyle Right Now?

Puffer jackets, Doc Martens, and bell-bottoms – not only did the Backstreet Boys celebrate their comeback this year, but some fashion trends are also making a comeback. So it was only a matter of time before the 90s set the tone again when it came to hairstyles. Currently at the top of the trend radar: the flicked ponytail! But what makes the braid so special? We'll tell you:

Flicked Ponytail: Why We All Just Want To Have This Hairstyle Right Now?

Trend hairstyle of the season: Flicked ponytail

Pop singer Ariana Grande made the high ponytail her trademark years ago. But now stars like Haily Bieber, Bella Hadid, and Kim Kardashian are jumping on the bandwagon! They all love wearing a high ponytail with a twist right now. Because with the flicked ponytail, very specific detail is an eye-catcher.

Trend hairstyle of the season: Flicked ponytail | Flicked Ponytail: Why We All Just Want To Have This Hairstyle Right Now?

With the trend plait, the hair ends of the plait are blow-dried outwards, i.e. "patched". The wave creates a retro look. Special features of this trend hairstyle are also scrunchies or hair towels, which give the ponytail that certain something.

This is how easy it is to restyle the flicked ponytail:

The best thing about the new trend hairstyle, however, is that it does not require great skill or dexterity. To recreate the retro look of the flicked ponytail, all you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Create a side part with the help of a comb.
  2. Then it is best to straighten your hair! Don't forget the heat protection.
  3. It is best to separate part of your hair at the front so that you have two strands that make up your fringe.
  4. Now take the rest of your hair up and tie it in a high ponytail.
  5. Now you can touch things up a bit with a comb and make sure that everything on the head sits evenly before you fix the ponytail with a tight hair tie.
  6. For the flicked ponytail twist, use a round brush or curling iron to twist the ends of your braid outwards to create a wave.
  7. Then fix any loose baby hairs with a bit of hairspray or give the hair a little shine with a shine spray. Ready!

Who looks best in the flicked ponytail?

And the good news continues! Because it's really no exaggeration to say: the flicked ponytail really suits everyone. The braid flatters the face, makes it appear younger and narrower, and also suits every hair structure. Curly or naturally wavy women even have a slight hair advantage – the ponytail looks particularly cool on them. You can also get really creative with the flicked ponytail and give it a new look with different details. Our favorite: the hair bow!

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