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The “Mixie” Will Be The Most Important Hairstyle Trend In 2022


The most important hairstyle trend of 2022? Will the so-called "Mixie"...

Let's mix it up! The fusion of two different haircuts guarantees new hairstyle trends. For example, the year 2021 was defined by the "Wolf Cut" - a mixture of shag and mullet (German: Vokuhila) - and awakened our enthusiasm for experimentation. That's why we're continuing in 2022 and merging two hairstyle trends into one look: The "Mixie" - a fusion of mullett and pixie - is considered the most important haircut of the coming year.

The “Mixie” Will Be The Most Important Hairstyle Trend In 2022
The mixie (shown here by Giambattista Valli on the Spring/Summer 2022 runway) is set to become the main hairstyle trend of 2022.

Notice now: The “Mixie” will conquer the year 2022 as a hairstyle trend

All fans of the "wolf cut" will love the new hairstyle trend of 2022: the "mixie" is just as edgy as its predecessor but plays with a shorter length. The “mixie” is a mixture of mullet and pixie, with the front being worn particularly short and in the pixie look, but the hair on the neck and on the sides being longer, corresponding to the mullet. You could already see the hairstyle trend at the Spring/Summer 2022 shows by Giambattista Valli and Balenciaga - girlishly charming, but at the same time cool and edgy.

The look quickly made its way from the catwalks into pop culture - singer Demi Levato is the perfect inspiration for the implementation of this trendy hairstyle trend. The 29-year-old proves that the "Mixie" is just the right mix of elegance and coolness. Conclusion: This hairstyle trend will bring variety to everyday life in 2022 without being too eccentric.

Notice now: The “Mixie” will conquer the year 2022 as a hairstyle trend | The “Mixie” Will Be The Most Important Hairstyle Trend In 2022
Balenciaga, spring/summer 2022

The “Mixie”: who does the hairstyle trend for 2022 represent and how do you look after it?

The good news: The "Mixie" suits everyone. While the razor-short pixie makes round faces appear wider, the "mixie" with its long side strands ensures that round faces are optically stretched. On the other hand, the short hair in the front gives a more compact look to oblong or oval faces. In addition, this hairstyle can be realized with any hair texture. With fine hair, the "mixie" has the same effect as the pixie and visually creates more volume.

Incidentally, the “Mixie” is particularly easy to care for. You can blow through the hair briefly with a hairdryer and shape it with your fingers or simply let the hair dry in the air and style it with gel or wax as you like. Best of all, thanks to the mullet effect, the hairstyle trend doesn't look frayed if you let it grow out.

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