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5 Tricks To Make You Look Better In Video Conferencing

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From light to the right lipstick - if you look good at the zoom call, you finally have your head free for clever thoughts.

5 tricks to make you look better in video conferencing
© Imaxtree - Optimal lighting conditions perfect the complexion

No matter how tall the tower of books is for the laptop, somehow you still don't look as good on the screen as you do in real life? Don't worry: it's definitely not up to you, just the circumstances. Here are a few suggestions for optimization, because the motto for digital meetings should be: Va-Va-Zoom.

Become a lighting professional

The most flattering light is free, which means: it comes straight through your window. So it's best to sit in front of it - ideally with a deep background. If your desk is in the darkest corner of the apartment, it is important to imitate natural light. Perhaps an LED bulb in the desk lamp will solve the problem: don't point it directly at your face as you would during a police interrogation, but at a white wall in front of which you are sitting. It sends the light back onto your face. Rule of thumb: the bigger and softer the light source, the better.

If that is not enough, it is worth buying a ring light. They are available in all price ranges, the most important criterion when buying is the CRI value, i.e. the color rendering index. The closer it is to 100, the closer the result is with natural light. For women who wear glasses there is a risk of reflections - and for everyone else that of shining like a lightbulb. It depends on the positioning - the further away from the ring light, the more natural the result. It is best to position it sideways behind the computer.

Become a lighting professional | 5 tricks to make you look better in video conferencing
Instagram: @elgato

Apply thicker than usual

And that doesn't mean joining the many steamy talkers, but rather: the make-up. Wake up your inner TV presenter who knows that cameras simply swallow half of any color. Means: Apply twice as much mascara. And twice as much blush. The more color pigments, the better - such as "Climax Extreme Mascara from Nars with extra high black pigmentation".

Apply thicker than usual | 5 tricks to make you look better in video conferencing
Climax Extreme Mascara from Nars

Big hair, please care

Fortunately, in the home office, hair can recover from straightening and blow-drying - even if video conferences are part of your everyday life. Because with hair, it's not about looking particularly neat - it's not particularly flat. So worry less about the perfect wave than about perfect volume - more is more on the screen. Dry shampoos or texture sprays help here - for example, the perfect combination of hairspray and dry shampoo from The Ouai.

Big hair, please care | 5 tricks to make you look better in video conferencing
Dry shampoo on the roots, brush through, done - like on the Alberta Ferretti catwalk. Photo: Imax Tree


Say bye-bye to oversize

Of course only for the digital space. An oversized white shirt may be the non-plus-ultra of chic in real life, but on screen, it will turn you into a bulky laundry bag. Be sure to define what is being seen, which is your shoulders and neck. From now on, think in terms of image sections: cleavages that are too deep could look like you have nothing on. Better: slim blouses, tight turtlenecks, slim blazers - and ideally what is called statement collars in the fashion scene: interesting collars that contrast, are embroidered, or have an interesting shape. The use of jewelry - more precisely chunky chains, is even easier. They're flashy enough to grab attention, yet not overdressed. No-go: long chains. Because the camera cuts off the best - the trailer - anyway.

Say bye-bye to oversize | 5 tricks to make you look better in video conferencing
Collar and chain - suitable for zooming. From N.21 Photo by Imax Tree

And finally: Attitude!

Nothing influences the charisma more than the feeling that you are watching. So please don't wear Gucci at the top and sweatpants at the bottom. Dress the way you always dress when you go to a meeting, preferably up to your toes: a pair of heels on your feet has always been good for your self-confidence, and because the heating is on: what should you do? otherwise, do with your favorite sandals that fell short last summer? It also helps to turn your body a little sideways, but keep your head straight towards the camera. Of course not for hours. But at least when it's your turn.

And finally: Attitude! | 5 tricks to make you look better in video conferencing
Summer sandals in the home office are good for the mood - after all, you sit warm. Photo: Imax Tree

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