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Curling Your Hair: Best Techniques And Tips


Tutorials, techniques of all kinds, tips with or without heat... We take stock of everything that can allow you to display the hair of your dreams!

Curling Your Hair: Best Techniques And Tips

Curling iron: Basic but effective option for curling your hair yourself

Unsurprisingly, the most logical and simple technique to temporarily curl your hair on your own, of course, is to use a curling iron. Specially designed to easily create the curls you want in your lengths, this device is unmatched for easily styling your hair at home. To use it, the method is simple: just wrap your lengths around the tip of the device and then let each strand heat for a few seconds before releasing them.

Before using it, it is advisable not to neglect the care and to apply a spray or any other thermoprotective product in your hair in order to protect it from the harmful effects of high temperatures (drying out of the fiber, breakage). A good reflex to take, especially if you curl your hair regularly.

But the thing to know before you start is that not all curling irons can achieve all types of curls. In fact, with curling irons, the result you get depends on the diameter of the barrel of the device you are using. The larger the diameter of the iron, the larger the curls formed with it will be. On the contrary, the thinner the diameter of the tip of your device, the more it will create tight curls in your lengths. Also good to know: there are some with a not round but oval tip, which is better suited to achieving a wavy effect than to beautiful, well rounded curls. Don't go wrong when buying your device.

Whatever your preferences, the success of this method, therefore, depends above all on a good choice of iron for the hairstyle you want.

Our tip if you have trouble handling your device:
A little less known than their predecessors but just as practical (even more for the clumsy), automatic curling irons are also very useful for styling quickly and well. Designed to suck up strands by twisting them with an integrated automatic rotating system, they give them the desired shape without you having to contort yourself to style your hair. In short, they do all the work for you!

Our tip for making a wavy even faster:
If you just want to make yourself wavy and not bouncy curls, feel free to try a new type of device that is taking off: the special wavy iron. Halfway between the classic curling iron and the waffle iron (you know, that device with notched plates?), These new kinds of irons are equipped with a rather particular tip that looks like three conical tips joined together but which actually opens like the two plates of a straightener to undulate the lengths ultra easily and faster. Equipped with a gripper system, they do not require any complicated gestures and save a lot of time.

Smart alternative: Straightener

Don't have the budget to invest in a specific styling device? Never mind, you can also divert your hair straightener into a curler to style your hair without spending an extra dollar. The only downside to planning according to your hairstyle desires: you will not be able to get curls as tight as with a device specially designed for.

How to curl hair with a straightener?

Here you are with beautiful loose curls done with a straightener.


How to curl your hair easily and quickly?

In the quest for perfect curls, we usually look for a technique that manages to combine the beauty of the curls obtained with the ease of achieving the hairstyle, even speed when possible. The good news is that it's possible to curl your hair even faster than with an iron, as long as you do it beforehand. Well known but often poorly done, the very simple technique we are going to tell you about is based on a hairstyle that is capable of imparting movement to your lengths when they are wet. You will understand, it is about the braids!

These are useful because they allow you to create a variety of curls perfect to suit all styles, and are super easy to do on yourself. The only binding requirement: you must wash your hair beforehand so that your lengths fix the desired movement while drying. A step to take into account in your planning.

Bonus: your hair will thank you because this nifty way of curling the hair does not require heating the fiber under high temperatures. Enough to keep it beautiful and vigorous as long as possible.

Our tips for getting the curls you dream of:

Although very effective, the method of braids is successful in a host of small details that are very important. Watch out for the result if you don't pay much attention!

First, you have to understand a principle: the more braids you make, the more small curls you will get. If you are hoping to get big, wide curls, it will be important to keep the number of braids to a minimum depending on the density of your hair and the thickness of your fiber. Then, the best is to opt for a simple braiding with three strands, unless you are comfortable with this way of doing and take advantage of it, precisely, to try multiple variations of curls carried out without heat by chaining the different types of braids. But in all cases, we advise you to limit yourself each time to one type of braid for all of your hair in order to be sure of obtaining a harmonious result.

Finally, be careful to apply yourself when making your braids and to do a very regular braiding over the entire length of your hair if you want the styling to meet your expectations.

Don’t like the kind of curls that braids provide? What if you tried the twists which manage to draw softer waves in your lengths? An equally simple alternative to the braid trick, twists involve twisting two strands together before wrapping them around each other. By creating several of them, you will be able to achieve nice loose curls.

Finally, if you just want to create a messy wavy effect in your lengths, also know that some styling products can help you achieve it very easily and in a short time. This is particularly the case with saltwater sprays or certain styling creams.

How to make curls on the hair in 5 minutes?

If there are many methods to make pretty curls, most of them take a little time or at least require knowing in advance that you will need this styling because they rely on a preparation time (shampoo, drying overnight…). But don't panic, there's also a really easy and quick way to draw beautiful waves into your lengths with a curling iron (or even a styler if you prefer) without taking as much time as usual. For this technique that uses heat, you will need an elastic to tie your hair and your favorite styling device to create curls, that's it.

Curl your hair in 5 minutes flat, the tutorial:

How to make beautiful curls over the long term?

For those who love their curls so much that they won't part with them anytime soon, a perm is also an option. Long considered cheesy, this tight curl hairstyle has made a noticeable comeback this year. It must be said that this technique promises a curly result that lasts between three and six months, which is a real time saver for those who curl their hair every day. To be done in a hairdressing salon, however, is not to be taken lightly. Before giving in to the allure of her long-lasting styling, know that while the perm curls do gradually relax over the months, permed hair never really returns to its original nature. You will therefore have to wait for regrowth to fully recover your hair before perming. A criterion to take into account before curling your hair durably on a whim.

Good to know: some salons now offer shaping services that differ from perms but also offer long-lasting wavy styling. In Jean Louis David salons, for example, you can opt for an S-Wave, a shaping service that creates a wavy hairstyle with soft waves that last between six and eight weeks.

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