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Effortless Hair Is The Look That Really Anyone Can Pull Off


Do you want to be trendy but don't want to change your hairstyle? Then here comes the perfect look for you: "Effortless Hair" suits everyone!

Effortless Hair Is The Look That Really Anyone Can Pull Off
Finally! Here comes a hairstyle trend that not only suits everyone...

Effortless Hair Is The Look That Really Anyone Can Pull Off
... but can also be implemented very easily!

Blow-drying, straightening, curling, or even cutting: When it comes to implementing current hairstyle trends, a lot is often asked of us. But most of the time you have very little time in everyday life to do your hair for hours! So the solution would be a trend where you get maximum hairstyle result with minimum effort. And that's exactly what we have here for you: Hello "Effortless Hair"!

Effortless Hair: Inspiration from France

As is so often the case, we take inspiration from the French for this trend. Because they have one thing ahead of us: while we are still stressing ourselves out and chasing after the latest trends in fashion and beauty, the French girls are beaming with casual nonchalance. Not every hair has to be perfect here - on the contrary, the "Effortless French Look" works even better if you look a bit disheveled or as if you just got up.

What does effortless hair look like?

This is a haircut that features a short chin-to-shoulder length and a subtle, fringed finish. With fine hair, a few layers can also be worked into the hairstyle trend to give the look more volume. To underline the French look, you can combine the hairstyle trend with curtain bangs, which are casually combed out of the forehead. But as I said: This style can also be implemented without a visit to the hairdresser. Because it is not the cut itself that is important, but how you deal with it!

Effortless Hair: Get up, groom, and go!

So even if you don't want to have a fringy look cut, you can implement a little more nonchalance in your hairstyling in the French manner. But even if we ignore curling irons and the like: care is a must! Because only well-groomed hair also looks beautiful when disheveled. So treat your hair from time to time with a nice treatment or care for it with hair oil. And then your new motto is: Less is more! The more natural the hair looks, the closer you get to the effortless elegance from France. Let your hair air dry, brush it into shape, throw it casually over your shoulder - and the effortless hairstyle trend is ready.

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