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It'S Trendy: The Lop, The Short Haircut Of The Moment


Want to change your head by cutting your hair without sacrificing your lengths? Go for the lop, this short cut of the moment that is back on the front of the scene and climbs in hairstyle trends.

It's Trendy: The Lop, The Short Haircut Of The Moment

Between the mullet cut and the pixie cut, the lop is the new trendy hairstyle for winter. But what exactly is the lop? A sort of very short and very tapered asymmetric square. At the front, the locks are short, while at the back of the head, the lengths are visible and fall to the nape of the neck. This trendy haircut rounds the shape of the face to make it look young and cute, without saying goodbye to lengths.

Louise Bourgoin, American actress Florence Pugh, Úrsula Corberó, or even HoYeon Jung (the star of the Squid Game series on Netflix)... many stars have already taken the plunge and adopted this androgynous and unisex hairstyle that goes just as well to women than to men! Have you read it, gentlemen? The lop is also a hairstyle trend made for you.

It's Trendy: The Lop, The Short Haircut Of The Moment

Advantages and disadvantages of the lop

If the lop is flattering for the face, it does require maintenance. In addition to the usual care for your lengths and ends, you will need to visit the hairdresser fairly regularly to keep your locks short in the front and your lengths in the back. Despite these few recommendations, you won't need a lot of time in the morning to style your hair, this is one of the perks of the lop. Straight or curly hair, also adapts to all natures and we love that!

If the lop is a growing hairstyle trend today, this short androgynous hairstyle is nothing new! It was worn and made famous before by Lady Diana before she decided to switch to her iconic bob which now bears her name: the Diana bob.

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