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Spring/Summer 2022 Hair Color Trends


Need hair change? The year 2022 announces novelties in terms of coloring. Discover our inspirations for the trendy colors of this spring/summer 2022.

Spring/Summer 2022 Hair Color Trends

While hair color trends are renewed each season, spring is fast approaching, heralding novelties in terms of hair colors and hair techniques. Celebrities and hairdressers are already revealing the trends to come, so here are the nuances that we will see on all the hair of this year 2022.

Whether you want a radical hair change or a simple boost, the color trends for spring/summer 2022 will adapt to your style, for a tailor-made look. Between sweeping, hair contouring, honey blonde, vintage blonde, surfer blonde, or platinum blonde, opt for these trends that will illuminate your hair. You can also adopt the essential chocolate brown, or dare the colors and bet on colorings of character, with a red, or pastel pink. So, what is the spring/summer 2022 color trend for you? Inspiration in pictures.


Balayage | Spring/Summer 2022 Hair Color Trends
Ideal for giving your hair a boost, sweeping is a technique that lightens and illuminates the hair. The objective of this trend is to reproduce the natural effects that the sun can bring as shades of colors. It is a technique that is intended to be discreet and which blends naturally into the base hair color, for a sunny change.

Hair contouring

Hair contouring | Spring/Summer 2022 Hair Color Trends
Not to be confused with sweeping, hair contouring is more subtle. As with make-up, this tailor-made technique consists of creating a play of light, with shades of light or dark hair colors, strategically placed, highlighting the features, complexion, and shape of the face. Your face is then illuminated and sublimated, no need to wear makeup.

Honey blonde

Honey blonde | Spring/Summer 2022 Hair Color Trends
Between light blond and Venetian blond, honey blond is perfect for those who do not want to go through a blond that is a little too light. With its golden highlights, honey blonde warms the face and, good news, it suits all complexions and can be worn in winter as in summer. So adopt it without hesitation!

Nuanced brown

Nuanced brown | Spring/Summer 2022 Hair Color Trends
A classic color, brown remains trendy this year. For the spring/summer 2022 season, opt for a brown with coppery or chocolate highlights, which will warm up your complexion and bring a slight contrast, in keeping with the arrival of the sun.



Roots | Spring/Summer 2022 Hair Color Trends
Although previously exposed roots were known to give hair a neglected look, darker roots are part of the trends for this Spring/Summer 2022. It is even possible to play with colors and display colored roots, for a quirky look.

Vintage blond or "baby light"

Vintage blond or `baby light` | Spring/Summer 2022 Hair Color Trends
Baby Lights is a color that gently lightens the initial color of the hair. This technique creates a “sunny” effect, with shades of blond, for all hair colors.

Blonde surfer

Blonde surfer | Spring/Summer 2022 Hair Color Trends
The "surfer" effect consists of degrading a blonde from the natural root to the tips, which will be very light blonde in color. With the surfer blond, the natural color is enhanced and your hair will have a holiday look. Ideal for summer!

Pastel pink

Pastel pink | Spring/Summer 2022 Hair Color Trends
A real touch of freshness, the pastel pink hair color is ideal for the arrival of sunny days. It is a soft and luminous color that can be worn as a total look, in highlights or in shades.

Platinum blonde

Platinum blonde | Spring/Summer 2022 Hair Color Trends
At the limit of white-blond and polar blond, platinum blond is an ultra-trendy color this year. Even if it is a cold color, platinum blonde will be perfect for this spring/summer of 2022. To bring relief to your platinum blonde color, opt for gray and pink reflections. Only small defects, this coloring is difficult to maintain.


Red | Spring/Summer 2022 Hair Color Trends
The red color is one of the major hair trends for spring/summer 2022, it can be worn evenly, all over the hair, for a warm effect, or sweeping, with copper highlights. This flamboyant color that does not go unnoticed, is suitable for all skin tones.

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