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Volume Miracle: This Hair Foam Revolutionizes Hairstyling


We swear by natural cosmetics not only for face and body care. We also rely on the power of nature for hair care. We just generally don't feel like using chemical additives in our beauty products anymore. Herbs, flowers, oils, and seeds are rich in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, and most natural products are now at least as effective as conventional skincare products.

Instant volume and hold: this volumizing foam revolutionizes hairstyling

Instant volume and hold: this volumizing foam revolutionizes hairstyling | Volume miracle: This hair foam revolutionizes hairstyling

Mega volume in a natural way

The best example of this is the Volumizing Foam from John Masters Organics. The natural styling foam gives the hair volume immediately and ensures a great hold - the styling works in no time.

Thanks to its natural ingredients such as aloe vera and lavender oil, the hair is not only strengthened, but also receives an extra portion of shine without weighing it down. The ingredient Acacia Senegal Gum, which is sustainably obtained from Acacia Senegal trees, provides volume and hold.

Mega volume in a natural way | Volume miracle: This hair foam revolutionizes hairstyling
Volume miracle: The natural styling foam John Masters Organics

How to use the volumizing foam:

Work 1-3 pumps of the product into damp hair and then style as usual or desired. A lot of volumes are created when the hair is then blow-dried.

Natural hairstyling

In addition to shampoo and conditioner, the rest of our hair care routine should also be done with styling products that use natural ingredients. Otherwise, we will basically destroy the result of the natural Shampoo when we style our hair. The ingredients of John Masters Organics products come from organic farming and are produced without the use of synthetic pesticides. In addition, no harsh surfactants or other aggressive substances that dry out the hair are used in natural cosmetics.


This is the best way to take care of your hair

Basically, you are the best advisor when it comes to your own hair because nobody knows it as well as you! So you can cater to the needs of your hair and provide it with the right care. Those who tend to have greasy hair should better avoid styling products advertised as "shiny" or "anti-frizz". These often contain oils and silicones that put even more stress on the hair. On the other hand, volumizing articles that lift the hair and thus prevent contact with the greasy roots are much more advisable.

"Nature is the best source of pure beauty" is the credo of John Masters Organics

`Nature is the best source of pure beauty` is the credo of John Masters Organics | Volume miracle: This hair foam revolutionizes hairstyling

More about John Masters Organics

In 1994, John Masters worked as one of the leading hairstylists in New York. He himself was already living a healthy and holistic life back then and was increasingly bothered by all the chemistry and harmful dyes that he had to use in his everyday professional life. So he made a decision: he stepped out of the conventional world of New York hair salons and began to develop gentler and, above all, natural hair care products over his kitchen sink at home.

Shortly thereafter, he opened his first clean air salon in Soho. Yes, you read that right because the salon didn't even use hairspray. The natural cosmetics he developed quickly met with approval and has continued to develop so that the brand now offers not only hair but also skin and body care products with natural ingredients. At John Masters, organic ingredients with natural healing properties such as rose water, honey, and avocado are preferred. Ingredients such as lavender, rosemary, and pomegranate have always played a major role. At the time, John got these at farmers' markets in order to create his recipes from them. What a wonderful success story.

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