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3 Bedtime Hairstyles For Healthy Hair


With these simple bedtime hairstyles, you can protect your hair even while you sleep and thus permanently prevent frizz and hair breakage...

3 Bedtime Hairstyles For Healthy Hair
Sleep with your hair down? D rather not! These bedtime hairstyles are better.

We subject our hair to stress on a daily basis. Whether it's damaging styling products or the heat from straightening irons, hairdryers, etc., our hair has to endure a lot for our sake. But so that they do not lose their healthy shine and become dry or brittle, they need the right care - and not just during the day! We can also protect our hair at night by going to sleep with the right hairstyle.

3 Bedtime Hairstyles For Healthy Hair
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That's why a night hairstyle is important

Sleeping with your hair down on a regular cotton pillowcase at night ensures that the strands rub against the pillowcase and the ends break off. Not only does this slow down hair growth, but it also condemns our lengths to split ends and hair breakage. This can easily be prevented. How? With these three easy bedtime hairstyles:

3 Bedtime Hairstyles For Healthy Hair

1. Braid

1. Braid | 3 Bedtime Hairstyles For Healthy Hair

Just before going to bed, you can add a light, nourishing hair oil to the lengths. Massage in briefly, then braid your hair in a simple, loose braid and go to sleep. This protects your hair from friction and even counteracts hair loss.


2. The pineapple

2. The pineapple | 3 Bedtime Hairstyles For Healthy Hair

After a long day at work, we often don't feel like having an elaborate hairstyle - and especially only when we go to bed. For the lazy, "the pineapple" is the perfect protective hairstyle. Simply tie the hair on top of the head into a loose (!) Bun and wrap it with a scarf or scarf. Tip: Fabrics such as silk or microfiber are particularly gentle on the hair.

3. Twist-out

3. Twist-out | 3 Bedtime Hairstyles For Healthy Hair

With this simple bedtime hairstyle, all you have to do is split your hair into two strands, twirl them first and then wrap them around each other into one thick strand. Then twist this twisted strand together into a loose, deep bun and pin it. Plus point: in the morning you wake up with natural, beautiful waves that will save you the extra styling.

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