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Hair Styling Tips: Messy Bun: The Ultimate Guide


How Do I Make a Perfect Messy Bun? If you are still looking for the ultimate trick, you can get it here!

HAIR STYLING TIPS: Messy Bun: The Ultimate Guide
The messy bun to top model Gigi Hadid

Messy Bun: This is how you make the messy bun

The messy bun has been one of the absolute trend hairstyles for years. The simple everyday hairstyle is incredibly popular and can be styled with any hair length. In contrast to some other updos, this hairstyle wins everyone who gets it particularly messy. The big challenge with the messy bun? It should look like a perfect mess! It should be beautifully voluminous and fluffy, sit well and sit comfortably on the head. Phew, that's not easy even for hairstyling professionals.

For those who have not yet mastered the messy bun to perfection, we have the ultimate guide ready. How to do the bun hairstyle in no time:

Messy Bun: This is how you make the messy bun | HAIR STYLING TIPS: Messy Bun: The Ultimate Guide
The messy bun to Hailey Bieber

Messy Bun: The Instructions

How do you make a messy bun? Here are the step-by-step instructions for the cool bun:

  1. For the messy bun, first, pull your hair into a normal braid and collect all the strands in one hand.
  2. Keep the braid nice and loose, so you get more volume in your messy bun from the start.
  3. Now twist your hair into a bun as usual. You can twist or twirl the strands or simply wrap them around your hand to form the bun. Now you knot everything tight with your elastic band - in a messy way.
  4. Now gently pull the strands with your fingers and loosen up the messy bun. It should look big and messy.
  5. Set the fluffy bun in place with hairspray so it lasts all day.
  6. Bobby pins can help to give the messy bun even more support. Clamp it sideways from the outside to the inside of the bun and fix it on your head.

These instructions are of course just one of the many ways to tie the messy bun. With a little practice and trial and error, you will find a style that suits you best.

Messy bun tutorial in the video

There are so many video tutorials for the messy bun on the Internet, especially on Instagram. And we can already say one thing: These girls have the messy bun on them. We can learn something from that. Take a look at the different techniques:

Click on the following images for watching the videos...

Instagram: @jamielvandenberg

Instagram: @black.and.blonde_


Messy low bun

In addition to the classic messy bun, there are other, beautiful variants for the messy bun. The low bun, for example, can of course be styled just as messy. For the perfect chaos, a few strands can fall out of the braid - quite deliberately, of course. The whole thing looks even more beautiful with soft beach waves.

Messy low bun | HAIR STYLING TIPS: Messy Bun: The Ultimate Guide
Instagram: @sarasterczewska.hairstylist

Messy bun: 10 tricks that will help with styling

With these great tricks, it's time to practice, practice, practice. Very much fun!

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