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Bye, Hair Loss: 4 Unusual Tricks To Strengthen Hair


Sometimes the brush can be a real nightmare. Especially when more and more strands gather in the bristles with every stroke through the hair. And are less and less upside down. Singer Lea Michele knows the problem. The new mom recently told Instagram that she's been losing more and more hair since the birth of her son.

Hair loss? These 4 tricks a sufferer can help against

Hair loss? These 4 tricks a sufferer can help against | Bye, hair loss: 4 unusual tricks to strengthen hair

Lea Michele also suffers from hair loss. The singer revealed in her Instastory that she loses more and more hair after the birth of her son...

Hair loss can have very different reasons, which of course - if possible - also have to be addressed in order to get rid of the problem permanently. But a few tricks can often help. Beauty addict Amy Chang managed to strengthen her thin, falling hair and luckily shares her best tips with us.

Amy now has full, healthy hair again

Amy now has full, healthy hair again | Bye, hair loss: 4 unusual tricks to strengthen hair

Instagram: @bondenavant

Thin hair? These 4 unusual tips will help prevent hair loss


1. Tip against hair loss: Do not dry your hair in a towel

If the hair is already weakened, heavy towels on the head can pull the strands and strain them even more. The result: you break off. But because heat products should also be avoided in the event of hair loss, a turban is an alternative. The microfiber cloth soaks up moisture quickly without lying heavily on your head.

2. Tip against hair loss: Use sulfate-free shampoo

Especially with problems with hair breakage and loss, it is worth taking a close look at the ingredients in hair care. The sulfates they contain dry out the strands and remove the natural oil from them. This increases the risk of holding more and more hair in your hands while washing. A good moisturizing shampoo that does not contain sulfates is definitely a better choice.

3. Tip against hair loss: Treat the roots with conditioner

Shampoo on the neck, conditioner on the lengths and ends, right? At least that's how we've always been taught. According to Amy, however, it is extremely important to take care of the roots with a cure so that the strands are not brittle and break off or fall out. She prefers to use a leave-in conditioner that is light and does not weigh down the hair.

4. Tip against hair loss: Treat your hair with CBD oil

Now we are almost at the root of the problem. Not only our skin but also our hair can suffer from constant stress. CBD oil has helped Amy to relax better and thus also prevent hair from falling out.

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