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8 Perfect Braids To Enhance Your Gray Hair


In pictures, discover 8 pretty hairstyles to try to sublimate your gray hair.

8 photos that prove that braids are perfect to sublimate gray hair

Have you given up on coloring and don't know how to style your beautiful hair? Without a doubt, the best way to change up your look is to try out the braid! But we're not talking about overly classic and outdated braids here. Rather trendy braids, trendy and sophisticated. Said like that, it might sound scary, especially if you haven't done a braid in a long time. Still, we assure you: the vast majority of these braids can be done by beginners, although they look very complex in photos. The little tutorials that we are going to give you will show you how easy these hairstyles are to reproduce.

8 perfect braids to enhance your gray hair

If you want to recreate these hairstyles at home, on your beautiful gray hair, you will need to know how to do the most basic braids, such as Dutch braid, French braid, cascade braid ... here are some great braid ideas for gray hair to try now!

Double braid

The easiest way to make your hairstyle more complex than it looks is to incorporate two different types of braids. For this particular side braid, the surfer used a side dutch braid along the nape of the neck and then switched to a fishtail braid for the lengths.

Double braid | 8 perfect braids to enhance your gray hair
Instagram: @_silvermine

4 strand braid

If you're a pro at braiding your hair, take it up a notch and go from a 3-strand braid to a 4-strand braid. While it might sound intimidating on paper, it's relatively easy to achieve. And the end result is so chic that it is well worth a little frustration at first!

4 strand braid | 8 perfect braids to enhance your gray hair
Instagram: @gray_feels_great


Messy fishtail braid

If you are the type of gray-haired person who has a great length, use it to your advantage by having fun with bold and elaborate hairstyles. It's easy to try on the messy fishtail braid that is slightly messy, as seen below.

Messy fishtail braid | 8 perfect braids to enhance your gray hair
Instagram: @myselfija

Braid crown

If you don't want your hair to encroach on your face, a gray crown braid is a perfect solution. You can wear it for a night out, to go for sports training, to commute to work, or to run errands. This hairstyle is suitable for all occasions.

Braid crown | 8 perfect braids to enhance your gray hair
Instagram: @gray_feels_great


Make your hair feel like a bun that was done in a salon by recreating this S-braid at home. This braid starts at the top at the back of your head and goes down to the nape of your neck. Once at the nape of the neck, it is wrapped in a classic braid, which is then tucked behind the ear.

S-braid | 8 perfect braids to enhance your gray hair

The Dutch half ponytail

Another variation of a Dutch ponytail braid is to braid only half of the ponytail. Create a Dutch braid along with your head, then secure the braid with an elastic at the nape of the neck. Leave the rest of the tail loose and spray on a texturizing spray. The end result will be elegant, trendy, and bohemian at the same time.

The Dutch half ponytail | 8 perfect braids to enhance your gray hair
Instagram: @onesubiaco

Micro braids with the ends undone

If you are looking to do something a little different with your hairstyle, then why not try micro braids with undone ends? They are especially beautiful when they are also tied in a low ponytail.

Micro braids with the ends undone | 8 perfect braids to enhance your gray hair
Instagram: @kelly.hendricks.winkler

Waterfall braid

Cascading braids are great because they work on all lengths of hair, including the bob. We love the cascade braid for its bohemian style and for all that very worked.

Waterfall braid | 8 perfect braids to enhance your gray hair
Instagram: @sparklingsilvers

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