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So Easy To The New Look: 5 Hairstyles For The Ponytail


Hairstyles as Simple as Effective: 5 Ways to Style a Ponytail

Hairstyles as Simple as Effective: 5 Ways to Style a Ponytail | So easy to the new look: 5 hairstyles for the ponytail
Update for hairstyle styling: The low ponytail is a very modern and adult way of wearing the ponytail

With hairstyles, it is currently similar to fashion: the less agitated, the more effective the look. That suits us, of course - because honestly, even in lockdown number two, the motivation to get dressed as usual is consistently low. A ponytail is not only quickly styled and uncomplicated but also very trendy. Different hairstyles can be created with a ponytail. These five styles give the classic ponytail a trend update that doesn't require any great hairdressing skills.

New look: These 5 hairstyles give the ponytail a trend update

Low ponytail

The low ponytail is the most modern variant of the ponytail. Tied deep in the neck, the styling takes the childish look of the ponytail - the hairstyle looks cool and grown-up. The low ponytail works with both a middle and a side parting and, thanks to its optical restraint, can also be complemented with accessories such as a bow in the hair or a headband. Minimum effort, maximum effect.

Sleeker ponytail

Whether tied high or low: a ponytail with extra straight hair looks super sophisticated - and that only with minimal use of a straightening iron (please don't forget heat protection!). The sleek ponytail fits into the office context as well as on festive occasions and creates a grown-up and at the same time cool look.

Sleeker ponytail | So easy to the new look: 5 hairstyles for the ponytail
Instagram: @thora_valdimars


Side ponytail

Who says a ponytail always needs to be styled in the middle? Moved slightly to one side, the side ponytail looks like a completely new hairstyle - but only with long hair. These can then be carried forward over the shoulder, which looks particularly harmonious. Important when styling: tie your hair low in the neck, otherwise a 90ies look à la Spice Girls will result.

High ponytail

The high ponytail not only makes you look a bit bigger, but it also slims your face. The hairstyle creates a sporty look that works with both straight hair and slightly wavy hair. The high ponytail is particularly casual when it is worn without parting: Simply comb the hair evenly back and tie it tightly in a ponytail.

Messy ponytail

What works sleek, of course, also looks messy: a ponytail that looks untidy gives the hairstyle a touch of “Je ne sais quoi” - as if you were too busy for time-consuming styling and had just tied your hair in a pigtail to have a clear view of the essentials. If you have natural waves, you can simply intensify them with a salt water spray, if you have straight hair, grab a curling iron and twist a few irregular waves in your hair. But be careful: The "mess" should be limited to the ponytail, so please comb the top hair properly anyway.

Messy ponytail | So easy to the new look: 5 hairstyles for the ponytail
Instagram: @kristin_ess

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