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Dua Lipa And Alexa Chung Go For This Charming (And Simple) Hair Detail


Mini braids are the new stars of the lockdown: Dua Lipa and Alexa Chung are already fans of this uncomplicated look.

Dua Lipa and Alexa Chung love braided hairstyles

Dua Lipa and Alexa Chung go for this charming (and simple) hair detail
Instagram: @alexachung

While braids have officially become a fixture in lockdowns, there is another, even simpler twist on the look that is making waves with stars and influencers: mini braids. Two sections of hair are simply braided in the front area: a small DIY detail that frames the face and enhances an otherwise inconspicuous hairstyle. And everyone is crazy about it.

Dua Lipa and Alexa Chung go for this charming (and simple) hair detail
Instagram: @dualipa

Dua Lipa, for example, combines her open jet black mane with a pair of thick, loose braids to create a bohemian look that simultaneously spices up her shoulder-length hair and protective face mask. And then there is Bella Hadid, an early follower of the trend, who, because of her love for the '90s, braided her mini braids tightly and let them stick out loosely from a tied back bun. Another star wearing the look is Alexa Chung, who recently posted an Instagram story of herself with braided pigtails. She wears her braids tightly braided at the roots but loosened at the ends.

Dua Lipa's braided hairstyle makes an effortless impression

"Adding a few braids to your usual hairstyle can be a nice way to add some texture to your hair and also keep it off your face," says hairstylist George Northwood. "It's also a really simple, but effective way of making it seem like you went to more trouble than you actually did!" They remind us of our childhood when braiding small sections of hair was all we could do with otherwise unruly curls, and are an easy-care way to spice up your look - regardless of your hair type - all from the comfort of home.

Dua Lipa's braided hairstyle makes an effortless impression | Dua Lipa and Alexa Chung go for this charming (and simple) hair detail
Instagram: @brycescarlett

Mini braids as an elegant red carpet look

But they can also look elegant. In fact, Northwood created a glam look for Alexa Chung ahead of the virtual British Fashion Awards in December. “I added a braid to each of the front sections while the rest of her hair was styled in my signature loose waves,” he says, summarizing the finished look as “super cool-girl style that wasn't too formal”. The mini braids framed her face perfectly. Margot Robbie also wore it on the red carpet during her promotional tour for "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood," a look that pays homage to Sharon Tate.

Since this is a style that doesn't require hairdressers or hair products, it seems like an appropriate time to try the look while we wait for real life to return. And even then, we might just keep it.

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