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More Volume: Best Tips For Thin Hair


Do you have fine hair and want more fullness? Then here are ingenious tips and tricks that will conjure up more volume for you very quickly.

More volume: With these 7 tricks, the hair looks immediately thicker

More volume: With these 7 tricks, the hair looks immediately thicker | More Volume: Best Tips For Thin Hair

Many women have them, many women hate them. We're talking about thin hair. So it's no wonder that tips for more volume are in great demand. We have collected the seven most effective:

1. Volume products for more abundance

Special volume products can give fine hair more body and grip. However, you should be careful not to overdo it with the styling products. Especially those who have very fine hair can weigh it down with foam, spray, and the like. The result: it looks flat and powerless.

It is therefore important to use suitable products that have been specially developed for fine hair. Here is a list of the right products that can make thin hair look thicker.

1. Volume foam

With mousse, you should be careful not to use too much and only apply it to towel-dried hair at the hairline. Those who exaggerate are thanked for the hairstyle with a sad flat.

Tip: A highly rated volume mousse is 'Volume Guts' from Redken. According to reviews, it even conjures up more fullness in "super fine baby hair".


2. Hairspray for fine hair

If you want to conjure up a bit of fullness quickly and without much effort, it is best to spray some hairspray upside down (be careful, not too much) on your hair. Roughly toss your fingers through your hair once - done.

3. Volume spray

You can apply the volume spray to towel-dried or dry hair. Just like hairspray, you should spray the volume spray upside down and sparingly. The volume spray NIVEA Volume Forming Spray was declared the price-performance winner by the comparison portal in 2021.

4. Volume powder

With volume powder, you can give your hair more grip and body. This is especially useful when you want to style an updo. Make sure to carefully section your hair and spread the powder under the hair right at the roots.

Tip: Among the volume powders at Amazon, the "Dust it" from Schwarzkopf does particularly well. According to reviews, the powder conjures up a more voluminous hairline, but should only be used sparingly.

4. Volume powder | More Volume: Best Tips For Thin Hair

2. Tease thin hair

Do you have thin hair that unfortunately hangs down limply? Then teasing is the right styling choice to give your hair volume.

Correct teasing for short hairstyles

If you have short hair, you should use a brush instead of a comb. Beginners in particular can severely damage their hair with a comb. For teasing, you should take hold of individual strands of hair at the tip and brush underneath against the direction of hair growth.

Our tip: work your way from the back to the sides and then up. It is important that you do not tease the top hair. Because this part can be used to "hide" the teased hair a little and gives the hair a natural fullness. Finally, fix with hairspray and adjust if necessary.

Correct teasing for long hair

With long hair, you should only tease individual areas, e.g. to define the back of the head. Choose a hair comb and carefully part your top hair at the back of your head. Now you can carefully comb the strands of hair against the grain. Here, too, is fixed with hairspray, and the separated outer hair is placed over the teased area.

3. Blow-dry properly for more volume

Blow-drying is the secret weapon for more volume! But things can go wrong when the air is hot. Here are the most important things to keep in mind when blow-drying your fine hair:


1. Apply mousse to towel-dried hair

Before blow-drying, you should wait until your hair is towel dry and then apply mousse or volume spray to the hairline. If you blow-dry your still soaking wet hair with hot air, you can damage it. The result: you become even thinner.

2. Apply heat protection spray

In addition to the mousse, you should put some heat protection spray into your hair. This is particularly important with very fine hair, as the heat from the blow dryer can otherwise damage the hair.

3. Blow-dry the hair overhead with cold water

Thin hair is much more sensitive than a thick mane. Therefore, you should first blow dry your hair with cold overhead. This will give you a little more volume.

4. Blow-dry your hair using large round brushes

You can create XXL volume like at a hairdresser's by blow-drying strand by strand using a large round brush. Put this close to the hairline and wrap the strand over it. Go over it briefly with the hairdryer, which is now warmer, and then let the strand cool down completely. Only then pull out the brush.

4. Conjure more volume with waves

The pro trick to make thin hair look thicker: waves! Stars like Dagi Bee or Caro Daur swear by it. By nature, both of them have fine hair, but thanks to their clever styling, that is seldom noticeable.

The waves work best with a curling iron, by the way. Here we show you how you can make the Beach Waves yourself.

Tip: After you have curled strand by strand, knead in some saltwater or texturizing spray at the end. This makes the fine hair more grippy and ensures that the waves last longer.

4. Conjure more volume with waves | More Volume: Best Tips For Thin Hair

4. Parting to the other side

Another ingeniously simple trick to give thin hair immediately more volume: Simply change the parting side. If you always wear your parting on the left, then wear it on the right and vice versa.

The effect: The hairline has more volume and the hair looks fuller. It couldn't be easier!

5. Cheat more volume into the hairstyle

But there are more tricks to conjure up more volume in your hairstyle. For example, if you want your ponytail to look thicker, then you should get the Pony Puffin from The Lions Den.

This small pillow is placed under the hair, which is then gathered into a braid. This gives the ponytail more volume and makes the hair look thicker overall.

6. Voluminous braided hairstyles with pancaking

Do you see beautiful braided hairstyles on Instagram & Co. every day? Don't worry, even with thin hair you can create magically voluminous braids. The solution is: pancaking.

Here the braided strands of hair are carefully loosened and stretched - this makes them appear much thicker. We'll show you how pancaking works in our step-by-step instructions: Do you know pancaking? With this hair technique, you can give your braided hairstyle more volume!

7. Wash hair properly

What does washing hair have to do with volume? A lot! After all, washing your hair incorrectly can make thin hair look even flatter. Often it is because the hair is not washed thoroughly enough and residues of the styling products are left on the scalp and hair, weighing it down.

If you often use styling products such as mousse and hairspray, you should wash your hair twice in a row. The first time the product residues are removed, the second time excess fat.

The result of the double wash: The hair looks fuller and can be styled better. In addition, they do not grease so quickly. The volume is therefore retained longer.

Just as important: a good volume shampoo such as the Rasul Volume Shampoo from Urtekram.

One last important thing: The subject of hair care is always very individual. Only you can judge for yourself whether the tips or products presented by us work for you. If you have persistent hair or scalp problems, it may be advisable to see a skin specialist.

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