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Try These New Hairstyle Trends In 2023


New year, new hair! What could be better than starting the new year with a new hairstyle? In keeping with this, of course, we took a look around and spotted the coolest hairstyle trends in 2021 for you.

Looking for inspiration for your hair? Here are the 4 hippest hairstyle trends for 2021.

New ideas for your hair: Hairstyle trends 2021

1. Natural Bangs

1. Natural Bangs | Try these new hairstyle trends in 2023

Bangs also look great on women with curly hair.

Would it be better for women with curly hair not to have their bangs cut? Nonsense - natural bangs not only look beautiful, they are also one of the biggest hairstyle trends in 2021. The curls fall particularly nicely due to the short cut and give the face a soft contour.

2. Accurate bob

2. Accurate bob | Try these new hairstyle trends in 2023

The accurate bob with micro bangs is super stylish and super cool.

Bob was the biggest hairstyle trend in 2020. And he's come to stay in 2021. But instead of a long bob or a messy bob, we'll be wearing the popular hairstyle next year very accurately. That means, no steps or special cuts. The hair is cut straight and reaches almost to the chin. Edgy in addition: a micro pony.


3. Grown out fringes

3. Grown out fringes | Try these new hairstyle trends in 2023

Thanks to their length, Grown Out Fringes are great to style.

Girls with curtain bangs watch out: You hardly have to do anything for this hairstyle trend, just have a little patience. In 2021 we will let our side hairs grow out nicely. Advantage of this? The strands fall loosely and naturally into the rest of the hair and flatter our facial features.

4. Long pixie cut

4. Long pixie cut | Try these new hairstyle trends in 2023

Très chic is the elongated pixie.

The pixie cut is also extending the trend - in the truest sense of the word. In 2021 we will no longer wear the short haircut but in a long version. Means: The hair is worn a bit longer than usual and can be styled in a more versatile way.

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