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Hairstyle: We Adapt The Bottleneck Bangs, Most Trendy Bangs Of 2022


Do you want a hair change without completely changing your haircut? Try this new fringe that suits all faces.

Hairstyle: We Adapt The Bottleneck Bangs, Most Trendy Bangs Of 2022

The 2022 hairstyle trends had been announced to us, the fringe is a particularly fashionable hairstyle detail this year. Long and straight, smooth, short, curly… She will show us all the lengths and all the textures. After an unprecedented craze for curtain bangs and transparent bangs, our hearts are beating for a brand new unstructured bang: the bottleneck bangs which promise to be the most trendy bangs for the start of 2022.

Inspired by the shape of a bottleneck as its somewhat odd name suggests, this seventies-inspired fringe promises to frame your face like no other thanks to its flared cut on the sides. Rather classic on the length of the forehead, it extends into two framing locks which are integrated into the bangs and therefore degraded shorter than the rest of the hair according to an angle chosen according to the cheekbones. A detail that allows it to flatter all faces shapes, as hairstylist Tom Smith points out on his Instagram account.

Hairstyle: We Adapt The Bottleneck Bangs, Most Trendy Bangs Of 2022
Instagram: @tomsmithhd

The actresses Margot Robbie and Dakota Johnson, or the singer Angèle, are among their first ambassadors and we can say that they really make us want to adopt it.

How to adopt the bottleneck fringe?

For the moment, we only see it dressing mid-length to long hair, but the bottleneck bangs can also be associated with a long bob if you feel like it. What to ask your hairdresser? Rather long bangs that hug the curves of your cheekbones to flatter your face and curve around "to create a layer that sits somewhere between your cheekbones and your jawline" before asking "what part center is cut slightly shorter” and that it gradually lengthens towards the edges, as the hairdresser explains.

A super practical fringe

Very easy to maintain thanks to its length and its gradient which melt it into the rest of the hair, it can also be styled very simply in the morning because there is no need to straighten it. Drying it with a hairdryer is enough to restore its look, although you can choose to give it a little texture with the help of a styling product. Another bonus: it can be worn open in two on the forehead like a curtain fringe if you wish.

Finally, last asset and not least, it offers a harmonious regrowth thanks to its two long locks which frame the face.

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