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Hairstyles Over 50: Most Beautiful Hairstyles For A Youthful Look


Anyone who wants a visual change can achieve a lot with a new hairstyle. Our haircut instantly gives us a new look and also cheats us a few years younger. Here come the most beautiful hairstyles from 50.

Hairstyles Over 50: Most Beautiful Hairstyles For A Youthful Look

Our hairstyling has a huge impact on our overall appearance. And it is not without reason that many who want a visual change start with a visit to the hairdresser. Both the haircut and the styling can give us a completely different look in no time.

The best: Our hairstyle can not only make us appear different in a flash, but also much younger. From feminine, shoulder-length cuts and casual pony hairstyles to the classic, elegant bob: There are numerous great looks that act like a makeover and give us a youthful look.

Do you also want a little change and are thinking about a new haircut? To inspire you a little, here are gorgeous hairstyles that flatter women over 50.

#1: Feminine tiered cut

Even if many women tend to have short hairstyles in old age, the following applies: Longer hair usually makes us look younger. Well-groomed, shoulder-length hair that frames our face always creates a youthful touch. One of the reasons for this is that the face of many women becomes narrower over time and the cheeks no longer look as full and plump as they did in their mid-20s.

A slightly longer haircut distracts from this change and gives women over 50 a youthful look. Step cuts are particularly flattering. The soft layers prevent the hair from hanging flat and give the hairstyle an overall liveliness.

#1: Feminine tiered cut | Hairstyles Over 50: Most Beautiful Hairstyles For A Youthful Look

#2: French cut

We copied this great look from the French: With the French cut, a pony is cut, which is worn slightly too long and is therefore parted in the middle, very similar to curtain bangs. The rest of the hair is also cut in soft levels.

The casual pony gives the face a nice frame and also easily hides a few wrinkles on the forehead. By the way: The French cut looks particularly chic and young on women aged 50 and over with a natural balayage that makes the hair a little bit lighter towards the bottom.

#2: French cut | Hairstyles Over 50: Most Beautiful Hairstyles For A Youthful Look

#3: Elegant bob

You just can't make friends with long hair anymore? Then an elegant bob hairstyle could be interesting for you. Whether long bob, clavi cut, in which the front strands of hair reach the collarbone, or classic short bob: Bob hairstyles just never go out of style. They are all incredibly changeable and are also suitable for any hair structure.

If you have fine hair and want more body and volume, it is best to choose more compact bob cuts. The current trend is chin-length, straight-cut bob hairstyles, which you can add movement and texture to with soft curls. Women with thick hair flatter layered cuts that are a little longer at the front. Bob hairstyles with deep bangs are also perfect for strong, full hair.

#3: Elegant bob | Hairstyles Over 50: Most Beautiful Hairstyles For A Youthful Look


#4: Hairstyles with accessories

It doesn't always have to be a whole new haircut to create a new look. Even a new styling can sometimes create a small wow factor. How long has it been since you last treated yourself to a nice new accessory for your hair? When you can't remember it, it's time.

Dare to use a more conspicuous hair clip or a headband. Hairbands made of shiny satin, for example, are particularly trendy and perfect for summer. Simply tie your hair in a ponytail and wrap the band or scarf over the elastic. The hairband makes the braid look much more interesting.

#4: Hairstyles with accessories | Hairstyles Over 50: Most Beautiful Hairstyles For A Youthful Look

#5: Soft beach waves

Beach Waves have been with us for many years when it comes to hairstyling and should therefore not be missing from the top hairstyles for women over 50. No wonder, because the casual waves are styled in a flash and work with almost any hair length.

Straight, flat hair particularly benefits from Beach Waves, because they make the hair look a bit fuller and fall more interestingly. By the way, beach waves look particularly fresh and summery in combination with delicate, light highlights in the hair.

#5: Soft beach waves | Hairstyles Over 50: Most Beautiful Hairstyles For A Youthful Look

#6: Half-open hair

Do you have two left hands when it comes to hairstyling, but still want a different look every now and then? Then try half-open hair. The hairstyle is beautifully timeless, feminine, and styled in a flash. Hairdryer, straightening iron, or curling iron can therefore confidently stay in the closet.

Simply tie the upper section of hair back and fix it with a pretty clip or a pigtail elastic at the back of the head. At the front, you can carefully remove a few strands of hair and let them fall loosely next to your face. This makes the hairstyle appear more casual and softer.

#6: Half-open hair | Hairstyles Over 50: Most Beautiful Hairstyles For A Youthful Look

#7: Low braid

Super simple, but a real evergreen is a deeply tied ponytail. The hairstyle is made super easy but looks really classy and serious - especially with very straight hair. Tip: It becomes particularly elegant if you use a very thin elastic band. If you like, you can also wrap a strand of hair from the braid around the elastic and fix it with a bobby pin.

Tip: The hairstyle is ideal for highlighting eye-catching statement earrings.

#7: Low braid | Hairstyles Over 50: Most Beautiful Hairstyles For A Youthful Look

Something important at the end: The subject of hairstyling is always very individual. Only you can judge for yourself whether the tips we have described work for you. Our styling tips and hairstyle ideas should serve as inspiration - what you make of them is entirely up to you. And always remember: How you want to wear your hair is entirely your decision. Don't let anyone tell you what you can or can't wear. After all, styling should do one thing above all else: be fun!

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