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Hairstyle Trend 2023: How To Style The Trendy "Salty Waves"


Ciao Beach Waves, hello Salty Waves! Here we show you how to recreate the new, cool beach look yourself at home.

Hairstyle Trend 2023: How To Style The Trendy "Salty Waves"
As if freshly kissed by saltwater: This is what the Salty Waves should look like!

Hairstyle Trend 2023: How To Style The Trendy "Salty Waves"
We show you how you can easily recreate the beach look.

Salty waves: What is the trend hairstyle?

In recent years, the classic beach waves have been particularly popular in summer. Now everyone wants salty waves. While the Beach Waves are styled relatively accurately, the Salty Waves are a lot more casual. They have a literally "salty" look and should give the impression that we have just spent the whole day on the beach. They are styled with salt spray, which gives the hair a matt look and makes it look as if we have just come out of the sea. It's that easy to conjure up the cool summer hairstyle yourself.

How do I style Salty Waves?

We don't need a curling iron or straightening iron for this look! A sea salt spray is all we need for the waves. Apply this to damp hair after washing and knead it a little with your fingers.

Now don't comb your hair anymore so that you get a cool undone look later. Our hair should look like we just came from the beach, where the wind and waves have shaped it. Simply let the mane air dry, the sea salt spray will do the rest. The cool salty waves are done!

Tip: For a better hold, you can put a little hairspray over the hairstyle at the end. But not too much, otherwise the hairstyle will get a sticky look.

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