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Diet Without A Diet: With These Tricks You Can Lose Weight In A Relaxed Way

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Who wants to do without and a disciplined diet according to a plan? With these eight simple tricks, you can now lose weight without a diet! Does that sound like a paradox? But it really works.

Diet without a diet: the best tricks to lose weight in a relaxed manner

Diet without a diet: the best tricks to lose weight in a relaxed manner | Diet Without A Diet: With These Tricks You Can Lose Weight In A Relaxed Way
Diets often require discipline and perseverance - not with these simple tricks.

Lose weight in a relaxed way - without a diet: 8 effective tips

1. Have a drink before every meal

... and preferably two glasses of warm water! Because not only is the organism supplied with moisture in this way and the stomach is filled without calorie intake, warm water is also supposed to stimulate the metabolism and support the cells in detoxification. The feeling of satiety also makes you eat less.


2. Sleep more restfully

... ideally around eight hours a day. Because neither too long nor too short nights are good for us, according to sleep researchers. Those who enjoy restful sleep (and preferably regularly) strengthen their immune system, have a steady metabolism and have fewer cravings. The quality of sleep has also been shown to have an impact on the nervous system and resilience: those who sleep well are more stress-resistant, more productive, and less prone to snacks and extra calories. Natural aids such as teas, coated tablets, pillow sprays, or foam baths with herbs that promote sleep (valerian, passionflower, St. John's wort, and lavender) can be used for restlessness and sleep problems.

3. Make mocktails your new favorite drink

A glass of champagne or ice-cold white wine is the ideal way to start the evening, but alcohol contains unnecessary calories or (depending on the drink) even hidden sugar, which is just as on your hips as chocolate and cake. Unless it is an alcohol-free variant. Because so-called mocktails (cheat cocktails) can even be beneficial for the diet. For example, if they are made on the basis of stimulating teas, mineral water, and fruit containing vitamins. Buy market-fresh ingredients in advance (especially grapefruit, berries, and garden herbs, because they stimulate the metabolism and also tighten the connective tissue) and make mocktails your new favorite drink from now on!

3. Make mocktails your new favorite drink | Diet Without A Diet: With These Tricks You Can Lose Weight In A Relaxed Way
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4. Leave out counterproductive foods

... especially foods that are flatulent or difficult to digests, such as beans, lentils, cabbage vegetables, wheat, onions, and dairy products. They are heavy in the stomach or form gases in the digestive tract, which not only makes you feel uncomfortably bloated and visually fat, but also tired and listless. Replace as often as possible with vitalizing snack foods such as berries, sour fruits, celery, carrots, cucumber, or seeds.

5. Do HIIT workouts

Sure, exercise helps you lose weight, the more the better. This is why experts recommend a varied training program that both improves your stamina and promotes muscle building and whose effect persists even after training thanks to the strong performance boost. HIIT workouts that push us to the limit and noticeably push calorie consumption are ideal for quick results. With the right equipment, it's twice as much fun.

6. Eat really full

... in proteins and fiber. Poultry meat, protein omelets, and oat flakes as well as sour fruits, berries, raw vegetables, or mildly cooked vegetables are ideal. Several small meals a day keep blood sugar in balance and metabolism on the go!

7. Fast overnight

16:8 interval fasting is about systematically alternating between eating and fasting times - in a fixed 16:8 rhythm. Sounds like starvation and renunciation, but is not that difficult overnight. Because if you don't eat anything after 5 p.m., you can have breakfast at 9 a.m. the next morning and have still fasted. This can be flexibly adapted to the preferred rhythm of life so that late risers have dinner later and early risers start fasting earlier. Tea, clear broth, and water bridge the time until bedtime.

8. Finally do some spring cleaning

Combine the useful with the pleasant, that means in concrete terms: a plus in movement through the house cleaning! Sounds strange, but it brings a surprising amount. Because whoever vacuums with enthusiasm, mops the floor, cleans the windows, clears the shelves, and first unhooks and then hangs up the curtains, challenges the organism just as much as a varied training session. House cleaning boosts calorie consumption, effectively breaks down fatty tissue, strengthens muscles, and also ensures a sparkling clean apartment.

8. Finally do some spring cleaning | Diet Without A Diet: With These Tricks You Can Lose Weight In A Relaxed Way
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