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Diet Without A Diet: With These Tricks You Can Lose Weight In A Relaxed Way

Who wants to do without and a disciplined diet according to a plan? With these eight simple tricks, you can now lose weight without a diet! Does that sound like a paradox? But it really works. Diet without a diet: the best tricks to lose weight in a relaxed manner Diets often require... Read More ⇒

Detox very easy - 5 things that we can do in everyday life to detoxify the body

Spring is the best time of year to detoxify the body, regain new energy and develop habits that can make us feel better on all levels. We are at the perfect time to do a spring detox and incorporate good habits into our daily lives to remove toxins from our bodies, facilitate the elimination of... Read More ⇒

Tips for healthy eating: 9 simple (and really tasty) recommendations from cooks and nutritionists

Healthy nutrition is not suitable for everyday use? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Our eating tips from experts are very easy to follow - and get your circulation going again... A healthy diet sounds like a lot of work and little fun to many people. Our tips for healthy... Read More ⇒

How to grow your hair: Which foods to favor to care for your hair?

Want long and silky hair? We found the solution. Are you looking for miracle tricks to make your hair grow faster? And if you bet on your diet, it just might be the key to dreamy hair. To do this, we have made a list of these miracle ingredients that will make the difference. Food: The... Read More ⇒

Best biotin shampoo for hair loss

Biotin (vitamin B7) is considered the vitamin of beauty. Not without reason, because it promotes healthy hair growth and at the same time supports strong nails and beautiful skin. So it's no wonder that the vitamin is popular both as a dietary supplement and as an ingredient in cosmetic... Read More ⇒

Lose weight: These are the basics of the bulletproof diet

Few carbohydrates, instead of protein, lots of vegetables (preferably green varieties) and fruit (preferably with a high vitamin C content), whole grain products, kernels, and sprouts, as well as lean meat or sea fish once a day - these, are the basics with which common nutritional concepts, such... Read More ⇒

Protein Shakes: Nutrition Experts Explain Why They Don't Help You Lose Weight

There are many myths surrounding protein shakes. We asked nutrition experts what benefits they actually have and what to look out for when consuming them. Are protein shakes suitable for losing weight or are they more suitable for building muscle? Protein shakes have always been a big topic.... Read More ⇒

Camu Camu: Vitamin C booster for skin and body

Camu Camu - Have you never heard of the name? Doesn't sound like a small, round berry, but more like a tropical promise. In fact, camu camu grows on bushes in the rainforests of South America and is considered a traditional remedy there. But also in this country, the berry has long been... Read More ⇒

Figure slimming: 7 ingredients to lose weight at breakfast!

If you want to watch your health and figure or even lose weight, you should change your eating habits consistently and do more sport. In detail, all those foods that are rich in carbohydrates, saturated fatty acids, salt, and/or sugar should be reduced to a minimum and replaced with fresh fruit and... Read More ⇒

Carbohydrates in pasta, rice, couscous and co.: Are they all the same?

Our expert explains which prejudices can be safely forgotten and which foods are suitable for a balanced diet. Pasta, rice, and couscous: what are carbohydrates and how do they differ? What are carbohydrates and what are they in? Over the years, a number of prejudices about certain... Read More ⇒

Dehydrating the body: You can use these foods to prevent and relieve water retention

Working in the home office is often associated with a lack of exercise and poor nutrition - this can lead to water retention, swelling, or pain. © Nikita Sursin With these foods, you can dehydrate your body and prevent and relieve water build-up in the body. Are your ankles swollen and... Read More ⇒

Coffee alternative: These 10 healthy wake-ups help fight tiredness

Coffee is probably the most popular remedy for tiredness and an indispensable part of our everyday life. There are plenty of alternatives that you should definitely try. © Svetlana-Cherruty Coffee is valued for its fine taste and stimulating effect. In the current home office situation in... Read More ⇒
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