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10 Mistakes We Make When Washing Our Hair - And How To Do It Right?

Washing hair is like brushing teeth - we can do it in our sleep. At least we think so. In fact, there are many mistakes that can be made in the process. Not everyone does everything right when washing their hair, we show what really matters... A quick relubrication, dry tips, split ends and... Read More ⇒

Hairstyle Trend: These Haircuts Will Be Trendy In Summer 2021

New beginning, freedom, countless possibilities: all of this is in the air right now. After long weeks full of uncertainty, we are now happy to greet the sun, enjoy cocktails on restaurant terraces, and carefully make holiday plans. What better way to underline this optimistic mood than a visual... Read More ⇒

Hairstyle Trend: Is Long Hair Out? Not If They Have A Pony

Bored with long hair? Not coming up thanks to this hairstyle trend. As stylish bangs, curtain bangs are the detail that long hair has been missing until now - extremely casual, absolutely trend-suspect, and the minimal change that creates tension. Hairstyle trend: is long hair out? Not if they... Read More ⇒

Heidi Klum Shocks With The Hairstyle Trend: Has She Dyed Her Hair Pink?

Currently, not a week goes by in which the model Heidi Klum is not in the public eye. That may be due to her ongoing season Germany‘s Next Topmodel by Heidi Klum, who will celebrate her grand finale tomorrow, Thursday. Or because of her changing hairstyle trends, which she currently sets almost... Read More ⇒

Hairstyle Trend Long Hair: 3 New Styles For Summer 2021

Between bob, pixie cut, and shag: Short to medium-length hair has been in trend for several months and promises a fresh and modern type change. Long hair? People like to label them as boring because there is a prejudice that they always look the same. You don't risk anything with this look.... Read More ⇒

Heidi Klum: Can You Wear This 90s Hairstyle Trend Again Now?!

Those who like retro looks will love this hairstyle trend by Heidi Klum: The model is currently showing on her Instagram channel how she likes to wear her hair - in a crooked ponytail with bangs. And thus has a styling that sounds familiar from the 1990s. Hairstyle trend: Heidi Klum is going for... Read More ⇒

We Are So In Love With The Nostalgic Hairstyle Trend Waft Fringe!

Do you want to change? With the Waft Fringe, you will win the hearts of beauty and make a real statement! You absolutely have to know this pony trend! Micro, Curly, and Co.: We are completely in love with pony hairstyles and for good reason! They give us a certain look and bring that certain... Read More ⇒

Trendy Hairstyle: The Bun Is So Elegant This Summer!

The bun originally comes from dance, but as a hairstyle has long since arrived in everyday life. In times when the boundaries between office and home, work and everyday life are more fluid, especially fashionable, the bun is particularly practical. Only the ways to wear it are more versatile. In... Read More ⇒

Marilyn Monroe - With These 9 Rituals She Became A Beauty Icon

From "slugging" to ice-cold baths to her favorite shade of blonde - with these beauty steps, Marilyn Monroe became an icon. Marilyn Monroe was - and still is - the ultimate beauty icon who had a penchant for glamor that still resonates with many of us today - from her red lips to her... Read More ⇒

Broken Hair? This One Straightening Iron Mistake Can Be To Blame

Sometimes we can do what we want - our hair is still brittle and breaks off at the ends. Well, if we regularly use heat styling, it's no wonder, is it? But despite heat protection and intensive care, it just doesn't get any better. Straightening iron mistake: This is why your hair is... Read More ⇒

These Are The 5 Most Important Hair Colors For Summer

With the good weather comes the desire for a change of type. What is the easiest way to do that? With a new hairstyle trend. That is why we have identified the experts' most important hair color trends for you. From more classic tones to delicate pastel shades to 90s block strands - here are... Read More ⇒

Hairstyle Trend: This Is What Demi Lovato Looks Like With Mullet

For Demi Lovato, the year 2021 seems to be one full of changes and revelations. Demi Lovato is wearing mullet now! This is how classy the hairstyle trend looks on her The mullet is still the hairstyle trend. Now Demi Lovato also wears her hair in the crazy cut - and it looks so... Read More ⇒
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