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Hairstyle Trends for Autumn and Winter 2023: Top 6

Which hairstyles, cuts, and accessories will we wear in autumn and winter 2022/2023? The trends from the catwalk show in London, Paris, Milan, and New York give it away. We took a closer look at the looks and discovered these hairstyle trends. In autumn and winter, we can look forward to... Read More ⇒

Hair Color Trends for Autumn and Winter 2023

These are the 6 most popular colors of the season... The hair color trends for autumn and winter 2022/2023 are here. From light blonde tones to mystical brown tones, everything is included. Our hair color favorites for the fashion weeks in Milan, New York, London, and Paris at a... Read More ⇒

Undercut Hairstyle for Women - 30+ Ideas, Inspiration and Styling Tips!

Not only men enjoy the unique and exciting appearance of an undercut hairstyle these days. Women love this daring hairstyle trend too, and it's easy to see why too. Modern and eye-catching, this hairstyle gives you a dramatic and unique look. It doesn't matter whether you have short or long... Read More ⇒

Most Beautiful Bridal Hairstyles for Every Hair Length

Styling for the most beautiful day: The most beautiful bridal hairstyles for every hair length... Finding the right bridal hairstyle is not always easy. Therefore, we will tell you here how you can perfectly stage your hair on the most important day of your life. The dress is hanging in... Read More ⇒

Summer Hairstyle 2023: Dua and Hailey Prove that Braids are The Trend Style

It is the perfect styling for hair that has not been freshly washed and, thanks to the playful bohemian look, the perfect summer hairstyle for 2022. Big or small – braided pigtails are the summer hairstyle for 2022 Hailey Bieber and Dua Lipa have both shown in the last 48 hours that a... Read More ⇒

Wedding 2023: 5 Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Wedding Guests

A wedding is not only a very special day for the bride and groom, but also for the guests. After all, you don't spend every day in a great location with delicious food and good-humored people. And you don't dress up every day as you might do for a wedding. Depending on the motto of the... Read More ⇒

These will be The Hairstyle Trends for Summer 2023

A new season always brings a very special mood. One slowly remembers how summer actually feels, and what lightness it brings with it. Finally soaking up the sun again, eating sundaes, and picking strawberries. For many, a new season is always like a little new beginning, a mini New Year's Eve... Read More ⇒

Hairstyle Trends for Wedding: Most Beautiful Ideas for Summer Bride

The looks for the summer bride - copied from the runway! The most popular season for weddings and elegant garden parties begins with the dance in May. And what is almost as important for the big day as the perfect outfit? Well, the hairstyle! Because the hair should complement the look optimally... Read More ⇒

We Now Wear Baby Braids like Hailey Bieber in Everyday Life!

Whether for a festival, shopping, or a summer cocktail: Baby braids are the most playful hairstyle trend in 2022! Braided pigtails look very different depending on how they are braided and the styling - sometimes they are strict and conservative, sometimes exuberant, playful, and unconventional.... Read More ⇒

Buzz Cut for Women: Who does The Short Haircut Suit?

Buzz Cut: The uncomplicated short haircut for self-confident women! He is probably the hair trend that causes the most sensation: the buzz cut. While the razor-short machine cut is hardly unusual for men, more and more women are shaving their hair down to just a few centimeters – from stars like... Read More ⇒

Thanks to Hailey Bieber and Co., Braided Pigtails Look Cooler than They have in A Long Time

This is how braided pigtails will become a hairstyle trend with 90s flair in 2022 – according to Hailey Bieber & Co. Everything that was a trend in the 1990s is guaranteed to be hype again in 2022. This applies to the clothing of this era as well as to the beauty trends. The perfect style role... Read More ⇒

For Romantics: Botticelli Waves are The Elegant Hairstyle Trend for Long Hair

Go for romance in spring with Botticelli Waves... The latest hairstyle trend not only conjures up romantic waves in long hair but is also a reference to art history. As the name Botticelli Waves suggests, the hairstyle is based on the paintings of the Italian painter and draftsman of the early... Read More ⇒
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