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Trendy Hairstyle: Sophie Turner Wears The Pony Hairstyle For Summer

Just in time for summer, the desire for change comes back. In addition to an upgrade of the wardrobe, many also want something new when it comes to hair and hairstyles. Always big in the running: pony hairstyles. A maximum effect can be achieved with minimal adjustments. Another plus: the hair... Read More ⇒

According To Gwen Stefani: Cruella Hair Is The Hairstyle Trend In Summer 2021

Anyone who is a real Disney lover knows immediately who we are talking about when we drop the name Cruella de Vil. For years, the fictional character from the Disney classic "101 Dalmatians" was considered the epitome of evil for all children - after all, the heartless comic figure wanted to have a... Read More ⇒

This Rinse Water Based On An Unsuspected Ingredient Significantly Stimulates The Growth Of Our Hair

Spoiler alert: this ingredient is already present in your kitchen! You'd surely expect to read that the unsuspected ingredient in this rinse water is rice water, but it isn't. If rice works incredible miracles on our hair, another ingredient competes with it to stimulate growth and... Read More ⇒

Hair Trend: The Hottest Hairstyles To Adopt To Clear The Back Of The Neck And Not To Die Hot This Summer!

The sun is fine, but it keeps you warm! To stay stylish without being in the heat, here are the hottest cuts to try. Instagram: @juliettenadinee We couldn't believe it anymore, but the sun finally decided to point the tip of its nose and the temperatures rose considerably. The weather... Read More ⇒

"Cruella Hair": Gwen Stefani Try Her On The Trendiest Hair Color Today (And The Result Is Gorgeous!)

Never cautious of a new hair daring, Gwen Stefani appeared with a new original coloring... Customary to hair eccentricities, Gwen Stefani unveiled a new color of the most daring during the last show "The Voice" where she officiates as a coach: a two-tone color, nicknamed "Cruella Hair" in... Read More ⇒

Hair: Modern Rachel, The Most Requested Degraded Cut Of The 90s Of The Moment… It Brings Back Jennifer Aniston in Friends

The Modern Rachel is the trendiest vintage haircut around. Its degraded structure and all in volume have already succumbed to some celebrities like Selena Gomez or Hailey Baldwin. Now, it's social media that the '90s haircut is being followed. On May 27 this year, Friends fans... Read More ⇒

The Easiest And Most Trendy Bun Of The Moment… To Do In 5 Seconds, The Knot cord Is The Glamorous Hairstyle Against The Heat In Summer

The Knot Cord is the hottest glamorous bun at the moment. While it seems complex at first glance, it is very easy to make. In just five seconds you're done. Instagram: @emmachenartistry Glamor, loose, dimension ... The Knot cord is the chic and relaxed bun that is all the rage at the... Read More ⇒

Wolf Cut Will Be Everywhere This Summer!

You don't know what to choose between the shag cut trend and the traditional mullet cut? So you should think about adopting the wolf cut which combines two very specific characteristics of its elders. Zoom on this ideal cut to wear on sunny days. It looks like the shag cut, but with... Read More ⇒

What Hairstyle Was In Fashion The Year You Were Born?

Between Brigitte Bardot's iconic bun in the 1950s and Lady Diana's iconic short bob, hair trends sometimes experience a resurgence in popularity when others disappear (at least for a while). One thing is certain, clothing fashion is not the only one to have evolved over the ages, so have... Read More ⇒

Here's How The Bob Will Be Doing In 2021

Each year, its flagship hairstyle trend. 2020 was marked by the short bob. What will happen in 2021? The bob will always be as fashionable... but will be worn in a brand new version. The square has never been so trendy. While it has always been a hairstyle classic, this year this short... Read More ⇒

Ophélie Winter: Her Most Beautiful Haircuts

While she released, on Wednesday, June 2, 2021, "Resilience" an autobiographical book, Ophélie Winter is one of the French stars to have experienced the most color change and hairstyle of the PAF. Review in detail. She could easily write a hair tutorial called "50 shades of blonde", so... Read More ⇒

Ophélie Winter: Her Physical Evolution (Hairstyles of Ophélie Winter)

Ophélie Winter in high school: long, blonde, and naturally wavy hair Ophélie Winter in 1993: natural curly hair Ophélie Winter in 1994 with a pretty golden blonde Ophélie Winter in 1995 with very Marilyn Monroe blonde hair Ophélie Winter in 1995 with English... Read More ⇒
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