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Hairstyle Trend Sepia Brown: This Is The Most Beautiful Hair Color For Winter 2021/2022

Winter 2021 is all about naturalness. This is also confirmed by the latest hairstyle trend with the hair color "Sepia Brown": a soft brown with a subtle reddish undertone that forms the perfect middle of both colors. How the trend nuance is colored, who it looks particularly good, and how it shines... Read More ⇒

These 5 Bob Hairstyles Are Totally Trendy In 2022!

Fancy a stylish new hairstyle? 2022 has some exciting bob hairstyles in store for us that we'd like to wear right now - and why not? Convince yourself, these bob variations are sure to fall in love with! Also in 2022, bob hairstyles are at the forefront of the most popular haircuts. We... Read More ⇒

Tucked Bob: This Sassy Bob Hairstyle Will Make You Look 10 Years Younger

This bob hairstyle really does it all! The "tucked bob" is not only cute and sexy, but it also makes us look a few years younger! Time for a new hairstyle? The tucked bob is trending now! There is no bob hairstyle that is cute and sexy at the same time? We like to convince you of the... Read More ⇒

Hairstyle Trend 2022: We're Already Wearing Sienna Miller's Shaggy Bob

Why wait until next year when you can already wear the hottest trend hairstyle for 2022 now? Actress and It-Girl Sienna Miller is once again one step ahead of us and shows it - with the Shaggy Bob. The trend hairstyle for 2022? Definitely Sienna Miller's Shaggy Bob. Are you still... Read More ⇒

5 Tricks Make Your Bob Look Fuller Now

Our favorite short hairstyle? Clearly, the bob, which in all its facets flatters every woman - even if fine, thin hair is the basic requirement. We reveal 5 styling hacks that will make any bob look fuller in no time! The shorter the bob, the fuller and thicker the hair looks. You can conjure... Read More ⇒

3 Trend Hairstyles That Look Perfect On Women With A Round Face

There are hairstyles that suit a particular face shape. These three trend hairstyles z. B. look great on women with a round face. Which hairstyles look particularly good on a round face? Chrissy Teigen leads the way and wears one of the trendy hairstyles. Are you looking for a hairstyle that... Read More ⇒

Christmas Hairstyles 2021/2022: Most Beautiful Looks To Celebrate The Holidays, Seen On Pinterest

Here are some Christmas hairstyle inspirations, to be trendy for the holiday season. Christmas is coming very soon. This is the perfect opportunity to put on your best clothes and your prettiest makeup. Another detail that makes all the difference: the hairstyle. Updos, braids, or even... Read More ⇒

How To Adopt The "Lop", The Cutest Short Cut Of The Moment That Rejuvenates The Features?

There is something new on the side of boyish cuts! Short cuts are definitely all the rage this winter! After the mixie cut, here comes the lop, a rock'n'roll cut, shorter than a bob but longer than a pixie cut which is causing a sensation among the stars. Both cheeky and daring, it has... Read More ⇒

Hairstyles: Ring-Lighting: Here Is The Luminous Color To Adopt This Winter To Have A Good Look

A welcome sunburn effect to counter the winter gloom! When our face turns gray in winter, a quick trip to the hairdresser may be enough to afford a shot of radiance and light. Goodbye dull colors that harden the features and hello to the "ring-lighting" technique! The new color in vogue consists... Read More ⇒

Vitamin C Also Has Benefits For Our Hair!

Vitamin C is great for our skin. In particular, it gives him good looks. But did you know that this ingredient also has many benefits for our hair? If you are interested in the different ingredients that are good for our beauty, you will know that vitamin C is one of the best for obtaining... Read More ⇒

Hairstyle Trend: We Love Transparent Bangs In 2022

See-through bangs, the trendiest bangs of 2022... Do you feel like changing your look or changing your hairstyle and adopting bangs? And if you had a crush on transparent bangs, this new trendy bang promises to be a must-have this winter. We announced it to you as one of the details of... Read More ⇒

Very Short Square: 20 Photos That Will Make You Fall In Love

If it was one of the biggest hair trends for women of previous years, today the long bob is largely shunned. It left room for various other alternatives. Now, celebrities have fallen for a short bob, or even a very short one! And although it still scared us a while ago, this season this short... Read More ⇒
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