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Most Beautiful Summer Hairstyle For Medium Length Hair

Are you considering having a new hairstyle cut? Then get inspired by this medium length haircut - it's especially beautiful in summer... This hairstyle is just perfect for nice summer days... When we think of a new hairstyle, the first thing that usually comes to mind is short or long.... Read More ⇒

Easy-care Hair Color Trend: French Balayage

French balayage is currently developing into the most popular hair color trend of the season because it is super easy to care for and refreshingly summery... The hair color trend French balayage suits dark and light hair colors... From dirty brunette to fiery copper-red to golden blonde,... Read More ⇒

Really Spicy! So You Can Easily Recreate The Trendy Paper Cut Bob

Do you fancy a haircut for every occasion? Then we recommend the paper cut bob. You have to know that about the trending hairstyle... This is the cool paper cut bob... Do you like it spicy? The paper cut bob too! And so we are enthusiastic about the hairstyle trend with precise edges and... Read More ⇒

90s Trend: Is The Zigzag Parting Back?

Who would have thought? The zigzag part was spotted on Instagram and looks a lot better than we remembered. Find out here which top model caused the comeback of the 90s hairstyle. The fashion and make-up trends of the 90s keep coming through. It's not just fashion bloggers who revive one... Read More ⇒

Sun Protection For The Hair: This Keeps The Mane Supple In Summer

Not only the skin but also our hair should be protected from the sun in summer. Here you can find out which tips and products you can use to protect your mane and scalp from sun damage. A good sun protection cream is essential in summer. Those who do not adequately protect their skin in... Read More ⇒

Curly Girl Method: Natural Dream Curls In 7 Steps

Many dream of defined and shiny curls. Unfortunately, the reality is mostly dull and frizzy hair. Thanks to the Curly Girl method, almost everyone can get well-groomed, natural curls. We'll tell you how to do it. Many of us have curls naturally without even realizing it. The curls do not... Read More ⇒

Gwen Stefani: With This Black And White Hairstyle, She Competes With Cruella de Vil

Is Gwen Stefani the better Cruella? With a two-tone, black and white hairstyle, the musician made her big appearance at the US finale of "The Voice". Gwen Stefani surprises with a new look Gwen Stefani’s platinum blonde hair has been an important part of her signature style since her... Read More ⇒

Stevie Nicks: Why She's The Ultimate Muse For The 2021 Summer Hairstyle?

Casual and relaxed: The 70s hairstyle of the Fleetwood Mac front woman still inspires us today and is ideal for the warm season. Why Stevie Nicks is the ultimate muse for the 2021 summer hairstyle? Stevie Nicks: That's why we still love her boho hairstyle today In the 1970s, long... Read More ⇒

Hairstyle Trend: Heidi Klum Makes The Side Ponytail Hip

Born in 1973, model and presenter Heidi Klum grew up in the crazy and exciting era of the 80s. A time full of eye-catching fashion trends and flashy hairstyles - which are still remembered today. So apparently also with the 47-year-old top model. According to Heidi Klum: This is what a ponytail... Read More ⇒

Hairstyle Trend: Mandy Moore Dyed Her Hair Blonde

In the course of her career, Mandy Moore has already experimented a lot with blonde hair - we still remember her beginnings in the teen cult film “Suddenly Princess”. Hairstyle trend: Mandy Moore is now wearing this fresh shade of blonde Mandy Moore dyed her hair blonde. We reveal which shade... Read More ⇒

Highlight Trend 2021 With A Glow Effect: Holiday Highlights

On the south coast of Australia, the sun shines 340 days a year: you would think of the home of gently tanned beach babes with sun-bleached manes. Because Australian natural beauties have long known that harmful UV rays not only affect the skin, but also the hair. They destroy the stored color... Read More ⇒

Wolf Cut: This Hairstyle Trend Is Huge Hype On TikTok

If you fancy a new haircut, you don't have to search long before you come across the hairstyle trend of the summer. To do this, the TikTok app only needs to be opened briefly. Because one hairstyle is particularly popular among geneticists and beauty fans at the moment: the wolf... Read More ⇒
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