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Female Alopecia: All You Need To Know About Hair Loss Linked To Hormonal Variations

Contrary to popular belief, hair loss does not only concern men... However, alopecia (understanding hair loss) can be reactive, chronic, or due to hormonal variations. Whether the hair loss is sudden or progressive but very noticeable, it is important to understand this phenomenon to better... Read More ⇒

Straight Hair? These 5 Trend Hairstyles Would Be For You

Anyone with straight hair knows the problem. Ponytails, updos and the like rarely stay in place. It only works with a lot of styling products and skills. How good that the latest trend hairstyles don't need that at all. They are made for straight hair. The latest trend hairstyles are made... Read More ⇒

To Bed With Wet Hair? Better Not! 3 Reasons Against It

Jump in the shower before going to bed and then straight to bed? Every now and then everyone saves the tedious blow-drying and cuddles up with wet hair in the sheets. A big mistake. Not only because you could catch a cold quickly (yes, Grandma was always right about that!), But also because you are... Read More ⇒

Hairstyle Trend: It's That Easy To Style Our Hair In Winter 2021/2022

This is how we will wear our hair in winter 2021 - styling is so easy... Scrunchies will remain our favorite hair accessory in winter 2021. After all, the pretty hair ties are available in a wide variety of designs and can therefore be styled for every occasion and every outfit. Whether the... Read More ⇒

Layered Hair + Pony: Kaia Gerber's New Hairstyle Is So Beautiful And Ingenious

Kaia Gerber has it all! And for once we don't mean the coveted runway jobs and photo shoots that the daughter of model icon Cindy Crawford is churning out. Rather, we are talking about the hottest hairstyle trends of the hour, which can be found on the heads of 20-year-olds at regular... Read More ⇒

1 Cut, 4 Hairstyles: Tia Ward Shows How Changeable Medium-Length Hair Can Be

Many women want their hair to grow long. After all, it seems to be true: the longer the mane, the more hairstyles are possible. But that is only partially correct. Because from a certain length the hair is too heavy and many styles are therefore ruled out. Conversely, with shorter cuts for many... Read More ⇒

In vs. Out: These Blonde Tones Are Hairstyle Trend In Winter 2021/2022 - And These Are No Longer

The days are getting darker, the hair lighter - at least that's what the current hairstyle trends make. In the winter of 2021, blonde will become more relevant than ever and will manifest itself in the form of various shades. While Atomic Blonde reflects the cold of the season, Brond or Honey... Read More ⇒

Italian Bob: Most Beautiful Hairstyle Trend In Winter Is Inspired By Italian Women

Italian Bob: We'll be looking at this new hairstyle trend from Italian women in winter 2021/2022... Whether wolf cut or collarbone shag: the big hairstyle trends for winter 2021 are all about wild layers and fringed tips. It looks incredibly modern, but it's not the right look for... Read More ⇒

4 New Hair Color Trends For Dark Hair In Winter 2021/2022

Crème brûlée to deep espresso: 4 hair color trends for dark hair that we reserve for winter... With the onset of winter 2021, we say goodbye to sun-kissed brunette nuances or light highlights and now dip our hair in rich, dark brown and black tones. The hair color trends of the season show that... Read More ⇒

5 Nifty But Simple Winter Hairstyles Are Absolutely "Hat Safe"

It's getting colder outside again - and with that, the hat season begins. These hairstyles are definitely not destroyed by hats, caps, and the like. Autumn is here and winter is just around the corner. As a result, in addition to thick sweaters and scarves, hats again take up an... Read More ⇒

These 3 Simple Pigtail Hairstyles With A Wow Factor Are Very Popular In Winter 2021/2022!

A braid is probably the easiest and fastest hairstyle in everyday life. But to add a bit of variety to the classic ponytail, we have three beautiful braid hairstyles for you that are absolutely trendy this winter. In winter, our hair is statically charged extremely quickly due to the heating... Read More ⇒

What Happens When You Pull Out Gray Hair?

Do you find gray hair every now and then? We'll tell you what happens when you pull it out! Gray hair is trendy - but it is also a real problem for many women. Gray hair annoys us! They peek out between individual strands of hair and we have the feeling: Everyone is looking at them! So... Read More ⇒
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