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Jagger Crop is The Coolest Haircut for Spring

From a fashion point of view, we like to take a look at the look of our male colleagues from time to time - they will also provide us with the perfect hairstyle inspiration in spring 2022. At least one, because the latest hairstyle trend, The Jagger Crop, is inspired by none other than rock star... Read More ⇒

Curly Wolf Cut: Coolest Hairstyle Trend for Curly Hair in Summer 2023

The curly wolf cut is the coolest cut for curly hair... The wolf cut has established itself as the new favorite hairstyle of trendsetters: the haircut now brings a touch of rock 'n' roll to everyday life, puts an end to boring, flat hair, and also reflects the trend movement around... Read More ⇒

Wet Hair Ponytails save Every Bad Hair Day - Copied from Kim Kardashian!

Wet hair ponytails are the elegant hairstyle trend for spring 2022 - copied from Kim Kardashian... With Kim Kardashian, every performance is really a show. If the way to the restaurant becomes a personal runway, it is hardly surprising that the reality star regularly sets new beauty and... Read More ⇒

Fantastic Ball Hairstyles for The Prom and Wedding - from Classic to Modern

Are there any nicer styling options than ball hairstyles? Hardly likely! After all, every woman wants to feel like a real princess sometimes. Do you also have an exciting ball coming up? From glamorous to playful to sexy - we have put together the most beautiful ball hairstyles for you... Read More ⇒

5 Best Anti-Frizz Hairstyles for Summer 2023

Does your hair stand up as the temperature rises? Then be sure to check out these five trend hairstyles for summer 2022. They keep frizz at bay. These hairstyles prevent flyaway hair in summer. Summer is just around the corner and we look forward to warming days at the lake and balmy summer... Read More ⇒

These Haircuts are Best Volume Boosters for Women Over 40

Looking for a chic hairstyle that adds volume at the same time? In 2022, three trendy haircuts are particularly good for women over 40 and also provide great volume. Actress Jessica Biel wears one of the haircuts that will bring great volume to women over 40 in 2022. Do you have the feeling... Read More ⇒

Hairstyle Trick: For The Perfect Messy Bun in Just 30 Seconds

The messy bun is not only the most beautiful hairstyle for summer 2022, with this viral trick we can style it in just 30 seconds - this is how it works. With this trick, we style the messy bun just as perfectly as model Elsa Hosk. The ever-popular messy bun is said to exude an effortless vibe... Read More ⇒

This Lightning Trick Creates Wow Volume in The Curls

Limp curls and a flat approach? With this simple trick from the internet, we can conjure up wow volume in our curly mane in no time at all... Anyone who wants voluminous curls like model Kaia Gerber should try this viral trick. Whether you have wavy or curly hair, you are probably also... Read More ⇒

Bridal Hairstyle for Short Hair: Our Top 5!

Finding a suitable bridal hairstyle for short hair can sometimes not be that easy. We have put together our favorite wedding hairstyles for you. Fantastically beautiful ... bridal hairstyles for short hair. Are you getting married this year and looking for a suitable styling idea for short... Read More ⇒

Bouncy Blowouts Bring Pure Glamor to Everyday Life

Swinging: Bouncy blowouts bring pure glamor into everyday life as the 2022 hairstyle trend... Blowouts are automatically associated with a lot of glamour, Hollywood stars, and special occasions. What doesn't immediately come to mind are everyday looks for the office or leisure time. After... Read More ⇒

"Emily in Paris" Star Lily Collins: Her Best Tricks for Full Hair

Full hair like Lily Collins? This is how the "Emily in Paris" actress conjures up the volume in her actually thin hair... An American in Paris. This storyline has been around many times, but no series has been as successful with it as the Netflix hit "Emily in Paris". Think what you will about... Read More ⇒

With Chunky Highlights, Dua Lipa makes Wide Block Strands The Hair Trend 2023

Chunky highlights: Dua Lipa and Co. are bringing back the '00s hair trend with wide block strands... We know chunky sneakers, chunky boots, chunky rings... almost everything in fashion has at some point already experienced a chunky update and has become bulkier, chunkier, and more... Read More ⇒
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