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Without surgery: These things help against drooping eyelids

Many people have drooping eyelids: the movable eyelid is covered by the skin of the immobile eyelid. What is completely harmless to health is perceived by many as a visual flaw. We'll tell you about exercises and tricks with which you can reduce drooping eyelids - painlessly and without... Read More ⇒

Mental health: 8 tricks for noticeably more mental immunity

Quite apart from the privations of the pandemi, winter is the time of year in which you pause and take stock. Above all, physical fitness, figure, and beauty are the focus and should be corrected by so-called good resolutions in the new year. But what about mental health? How to effectively prevent... Read More ⇒

Cellulite Massage: Top Techniques and Devices for Firm Skin

We live in a time when the acceptance of blemishes (luckily) continues to increase. Thanks to women like Ashley Graham and Danae Mercer, more and more people dare to stand by their bodies. A great trend, because everybody is good the way it is. Cellulite Massage: These Tools Keep Your Skin... Read More ⇒

Dehydrating the body: You can use these foods to prevent and relieve water retention

Working in the home office is often associated with a lack of exercise and poor nutrition - this can lead to water retention, swelling, or pain. © Nikita Sursin With these foods, you can dehydrate your body and prevent and relieve water build-up in the body. Are your ankles swollen and... Read More ⇒

What is yoga? The meaning and effects of yoga as a remedy

Yoga helps against anxiety and stress, relieves symptoms during menopause, supports the treatment of eating disorders, and has many other positive effects on our health. So it is high time to start. Is yoga the new (old) cure for all diseases? © Stocksy United What is yoga?: The... Read More ⇒

Corona vaccination: Does the Covid-19 vaccine affect fertility? We asked 2 experts about this

With the start of the corona vaccination, there are a lot of open questions about the desire to have children, pregnancy, and the vaccination of small children. We asked two experts to find out more. Corona vaccination: This is what the experts say about the Covid 19 vaccine, pregnancy, and... Read More ⇒

Sleep better: 5 science-based tips

Do you want to know how to sleep better? We speak to The Sleep School's sleep expert Guy Meadows about his science-based tips for getting a good night's sleep. If the quality of your sleep has plummeted since Covid-19, you are not alone. A study conducted by Sleep School's global... Read More ⇒

Beauty routine: This is how it has a positive effect on your skin and your mind

Daily beauty rituals ensure a well-groomed body and a healthy mind. A beauty routine brings far more benefits than just the skin We learned that the beauty routine is more important than ever. It took the pandemic for us to really appreciate the mood-lifting power of beauty. From face... Read More ⇒

Eye yoga: Most effective exercises for tired eyes

Chatty Dobson shows how you can use eye yoga to strengthen the muscles around the eye area for a lifted and alert look (with exercises for at home). Eye yoga: How to stretch and strengthen the eye muscles? If the eyes are really the window to the soul, it makes sense to treat them with the... Read More ⇒

Protein shakes: 3 delicious & healthy recipes for regeneration after a workout

Make protein shakes yourself - it's easy with these 3 recipes! If you've been expanding your workout in 2021 (or even since the coronavirus outbreak), you may also want to consider adding more protein to your diet accordingly. While getting more protein from your diet - i.e. lean... Read More ⇒

M-Diet: How it can help you lose weight over the long term?

Fluctuating blood sugar levels are the natural enemy of any diet. It can cause typical obstacles like food cravings, weight gain, and frustration. If you want to lose weight permanently and effectively, you have to bring your blood sugar under control, say the experts. For example with the M... Read More ⇒

Detox effect: this is how healing clay works on the skin and body

It is supposed to fight pimples, stimulate detoxification and alleviate gastrointestinal complaints: healing earth is one of the oldest natural remedies and has been valued for its special effects for centuries. We explain the external and internal use and present the best products with healing... Read More ⇒
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