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Stiff Neck: How To Avoid A * Tech Neck * From Home Office And Mobile Phone?

From reducing tension to preventing premature wrinkling - together with experts, we have created a comprehensive guide for a healthier and more youthful-looking neck... A stiff neck and neck pain from the home office, mobile phone, and zoom? We have the solution to what to do in the event of... Read More ⇒

Dubrow Diet: Does It Help You Lose Weight Without Counting Calories?

Diets are probably actually in a similar amount as the proverbial sand on the seashore. Intermittent fasting has emerged as an effective nutritional program among a multitude of questionable diet forms and restrictive zero diets. Studies have already been carried out on its positive health effects... Read More ⇒

Healthy Nutrition: Matcha Bowl Stimulates The Circulation

Matcha, the intensely green glowing powder that is obtained from the grated leaves of the green tea plant Tencha, is considered the ultimate superfood. Usually, it is prepared very simply as follows: You mix some hot water with the matcha powder and then use a bamboo whisk to whip it up to make... Read More ⇒

Healthy Diet: Mediterranean Diet Helps You Lose Weight

Trend diets come and go, promise rapid weight reduction, tight contours, or a holistically detoxified organism. Most of them are characterized by abstinence, can cause deficiency symptoms, and are not suitable for a long-term diet. If you really want to do something for your health and at the same... Read More ⇒

Lose Weight Without Hunger - In Record Time? How The Sirtfood Diet Works?

New diet trends appear at regular intervals, which are tested by stars or developed by nutrition experts. One principle that has endured is low carb. A new variant of this form of nutrition, the sirtfood diet, should now achieve effects even faster. Lose weight with the sirtfood diet The... Read More ⇒

Lose Weight With Apple-Cinnamon-Water: How The Detox Drink Works?

How can you make the water palatable if you find it difficult to drink two to three liters a day? With healthy extras in the water, for example. The apple-cinnamon-water variation not only tastes good but also detoxifies and helps you lose weight. Apple-cinnamon-water: How you can lose... Read More ⇒

Quark Diet: How You Can Lose Weight With Food?

Most diet concepts focus on the optimal ratio of carbohydrates, proteins, essential fats, and raw vegetables. Many weight loss methods promote a low-carb variant that focuses on increased protein content in the diet. The idea behind it: In order to process proteins, i.e. protein, the body has to... Read More ⇒

Metabolic Foods: These 11 Foods Help You Lose Weight

Metabolism is a term that is often used in connection with diets, as it plays a major role in our weight and weight loss success (or failure). People with an active metabolism usually find it easier to lose weight than people with a rather sluggish metabolism. Metabolic activity is influenced by... Read More ⇒

8-Hour Diet: How The Nutritional Principle Helps You Lose Weight?

Most popular diets are some form of waiver - whether it's keeping the carbohydrate content of the diet to a minimum or replacing popular foods entirely with healthier alternatives. The 8-hour diet manages without any such prohibitions, but with a promising effect on body weight and general... Read More ⇒

Lose Weight With The Egg Diet: 2 Recipes For More Variety

The egg diet is pretty good for anyone who doesn't like cooking. Because eggs are the main food - five a day - you don't have to spend a long time preparing them. Even if the meal plan quickly becomes boring, the results are spurring: Margarete Thatcherism, the first British Prime Minister,... Read More ⇒

Sleep Better: 7 Most Important Rules For A Restful Sleep - According To Experts: Inside

Trust these tips from our health experts... The basics for a good night's sleep It's no secret that most of us would like to sleep better than we currently do. The statistics reflect the fact that we are finding it increasingly difficult to fall asleep. To make matters worse, the... Read More ⇒

Jennifer Lopez: She Looks 20 Years Younger Thanks To These 8 Beauty Tips

Is she 52 or only 32 years old? Jennifer Lopez just doesn't seem to be aging. We'll tell you how the star stays so fit. Jennifer Lopez's Beauty Tricks Jennifer Lopez just celebrated her 52nd birthday. Visually, however, the twin mother just doesn't seem to age. The actress... Read More ⇒
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