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Gentle Lipstick Trends Will Bring Balance In Autumn 2023

The last year in particular has had a major impact on society. All areas were affected - and in some cases also changed the idea of which essential values are important at all. The need for change remained. In relation to the beauty industry, a change can no longer be denied - towards natural and... Read More ⇒

Adele: 10 Pictures That Prove She Is The Queen Of The Cat Eyes

Adele's cat-eye look explained by the expert From the ancient Egyptian queens to the Old Hollywood nobility (think Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren) to the pop princesses of today - many powerful women have worn the cat-eye look regularly. But nobody does it as well as Adele. Have you... Read More ⇒

Beauty Tricks: 22 Ingenious Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know!

22 ingenious professional beauty hacks for XXL lips, express beach waves, and lipstick that lasts forever - that make you look good in every way! Hello, Beauty Girl! With these super simple tips, you can achieve the best make-up, the most beautiful eyeliner, and the fastest manicure. You are... Read More ⇒

Makeup Trends From The Runway In Autumn 2023: Eyeliner Like Dior, Etro And Isabel Marant

In addition to accurately drawn eyeliner lines in deep black under and over the eyes, more subtle eyeliner variants will also be important in the autumn and winter seasons of 2021. For example with blue undertones like Christian Dior, with shimmering metallic shades like Etro, or in soft natural... Read More ⇒

Most Important Hairstyle And Beauty Trends For Purists In Autumn 2023

A brief look back at Berlin in the 2000s: To get to a hip club, there were two unwritten rules: Don't wear high heels - and yes, no mascara. A sticky look? Would be out of place. Too much mascara was (in the eyes of the bouncers: inside) the opposite of the understatement that the capital... Read More ⇒

James Bond Girl Léa Seydoux Loves The Short Haircut And Makeup By Charlotte Tilbury

Léa Seydoux is starring in the new and long-awaited James Bond - Die Can Wait in theaters since October 6, 2021. The 36-year-old actress beamed at the premiere of the film with her new short haircut and her luminous makeup by Charlotte Tilbury. She is one of the eleven French actresses to... Read More ⇒

Givenchy Is Undoubtedly Showing The Most Elaborate Eyeliner Look From Paris Fashion Week

Givenchy presented the make-up statement of the Paris Fashion Week: a spectacular XXL look made of black eyeliner. Givenchy: This ornate eyeliner is a theatrical makeup statement Whimsical, picturesque, hypnotic: these words could be used to describe the beauty looks at the Givenchy show... Read More ⇒

Makeup Trend In Autumn 2023: Dark Red Lipstick Like At Saint Laurent

The fashion collection, which was recently presented by the luxury label Saint Laurent at the foot of the sparkling Eiffel Tower as part of Paris Fashion Week, is only intended for next summer and is far from available, but you can get the matching lipstick look in velvety dark red but let's... Read More ⇒

Eyeliner Trend: Double Liner Look From Dior Spring/Summer 2023

You really can't say that there is currently a lack of eyeliner variants, after all, more and more designers are including the trendy make-up trend in their runway looks, and season after season they show a wide variety of ideas, from filigree lines to wide frames, in Jet black or multicolored... Read More ⇒

New York Glam: These Eye Makeup Are The Most Sparkling Trends For The Party Season

In addition to new fashion, you can also take a look at make-up ideas at the international Fashion Weeks - the exciting shimmering and powerfully framed Cat Eyes by Tom Ford, Laquan Smith, and Mark Fast in autumn 2021 can be used for the next party. Note the season. The make-up trend conjures up... Read More ⇒

Eyeshadow And Eyeliner In Blue: Gigi Hadid Wears The Makeup Trend In Autumn 2023

In the symbolic language, the color blue stands for the dream of freedom, endless expanses, and great self-determination. Aspects that have acquired a completely new meaning due to the past year. This also explains current fashion and beauty trends at the same time. Because the trend color blue is... Read More ⇒

Applying Eyelashes: These 6 Tips Won't Stick Them Together

Do you know that? You wash your eyelashes and suddenly they look like the legs of a fly! With these 6 tips that won't happen anymore. How to apply make-up for beautiful, lively eyelashes. Do you want natural-looking eyelashes that don't look sticky? Here are the 6 best tips! You'd... Read More ⇒
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