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Full lips without surgery: The best tips

Full hunchbacks look seductive and sensual. Fortunately, if you want to give your mouth a little more volume, you have options outside of surgery and syringes: We have the best tips for full lips - without any intervention! Full lips without surgery? We reveal the best tricks. A full kissable... Read More ⇒

5 beauty tricks for more beauty after lockdown

What very few people knew: The coveted natural glow is created in lockdown times! Because the following beauty hacks don't do any work, but still ensure a wonderfully radiant appearance when the office (finally) opens again. Give silicone a chance No, not in your lips: silicone pads for... Read More ⇒

Dewy Glow is the make-up trend that cares for the skin at the same time

Reduced no-make-up looks, whose even complexion is covered with a touch of restrained beige or earthy tones, have established themselves as the favorites of many designers and make-up artists for several seasons. This flawless naturalness is now complemented by a subtle glow that was neither made... Read More ⇒

Colored Mascara: This colorful mascara will best match your eye color

Colored mascara ensures bright eyes and a change in everyday beauty. In order to lighten our spirits at all the zoom meetings and contact restrictions, let's dig deep into the beauty paint pot: We want colorful mascara that instantly cheers you up and arouses anticipation for... Read More ⇒

5 tricks to make you look better in video conferencing

From light to the right lipstick - if you look good at the zoom call, you finally have your head free for clever thoughts. © Imaxtree - Optimal lighting conditions perfect the complexion No matter how tall the tower of books is for the laptop, somehow you still don't look as good on the... Read More ⇒

Lip gloss is celebrating a stylish comeback

For a long time, matte lipstick predominated in cosmetic bags. But that should change now because shiny lip gloss is celebrating a trend comeback and is showing a new, ultra-modern side. We present the most beautiful lip glosses between a gloss finish and a matt effect. Glamorous: Lip Gloss Is... Read More ⇒

Eyebrows like Hailey Bieber: is "Brow Freeze" the beauty sensation of the year?

"Soap Brows" was yesterday. Star stylist and eyebrow expert Anastasia Soare shows us what we will use to style our eyebrows at home in 2021. © Getty Images Eyebrows like Hailey Bieber: We love the effect of her eyebrow wax After Hailey Bieber had her eyebrows bleached for a magazine... Read More ⇒

Make-up trends 2021: These looks determine the new year

From subtle to extravagant, glossy to shiny: With the new year, new make-up trends will hit your skin. In our trend preview below, we will show you which looks will be particularly important in 2021. Trend forecast: These makeup trends will determine 2021 Glossy lips like Salvatore... Read More ⇒

Veganuary: How to Put Together the Perfect Vegan Beauty Routine?

From vegan tampons and nail polish without shellfish ingredients to cruelty-free skincare products and artificial eyelashes without animal hair - your ultimate guide to a vegan beauty routine. January counts just 18 days and you can already find almost 50,000 posts under # Veganuary2021 on... Read More ⇒

Beauty routine: This is how it has a positive effect on your skin and your mind

Daily beauty rituals ensure a well-groomed body and a healthy mind. A beauty routine brings far more benefits than just the skin We learned that the beauty routine is more important than ever. It took the pandemic for us to really appreciate the mood-lifting power of beauty. From face... Read More ⇒

Bobbi Brown: 3 Biggest Beauty Trends of Spring - Global Art Director Hannah Murray explains

Bobbi Brown's new global art director, makeup artist Hannah Murray, shares her top three spring beauty trends with us. Bobbi Brown: Global Artistic Director Hannah Murray names the 3 ultimate beauty trends for spring There are very few make-up bags that have not been adorned with a... Read More ⇒

Best mascara in 2021 - recommended by make-up artists

Thicken, lengthen, and the perfect curve: These 10 mascaras promise the perfect look. With expert tips and tips for shopping afterwards. What is the best mascara in 2021? And which mascara do celebrities use? While countless formulas on the market promise volume, momentum, and definition,... Read More ⇒
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