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Fall Trend 2023: Lined Eyes As Quick Everyday Makeup

Mascara and done - the same every day, but you just don't have time for more in the morning? Then you will love the Lined Eyes! The make-up trend makes our eyes look bigger, is super easy, and can be made up in next to no time. The Lined Eyes make our eyes look bigger and can be easily and... Read More ⇒

Makeup Trend: Black XXL Eyeliner In Autumn 2023

Black eyeliner is a timeless make-up trend that shows itself in ever new variations... Black eyeliner is one of the most classic, but also one of the most effective make-up trends. Once you've got the perfect curve, you can wear the eyeliner for any occasion. The eyeliner already showed... Read More ⇒

Graphic Eyeliners: That 60s Makeup Is Back!

The graphic eyeliner shaped the look of 60s icons like Twiggy, Sharon Tate, and Jane Birkin. Now it is making a comeback and electrifying the network. Graphic eyeliner is an iconic makeup, an absolute classic In London in the 1960s, eyeliner - like the mini skirt - became one of the most... Read More ⇒

Lined Eyes Are All The Rage In Autumn - Beauty Trend 2023

Mascara and done - the same every day, but you just don't have time for more in the morning? Then you will love the Lined Eyes! The make-up trend makes our eyes look bigger, is super easy, and can be made up in next to no time. Beauty trend 2021: Lined eyes are all the rage this fall The... Read More ⇒

Colored Eyeliner For Sleek Low Buns: We Love The Combination!

Summer trend 2021: We love the combination of a sleek low bun and colored eyeliner... The Kardashian bun is back! Perfect with it: colored eyeliner like in the Valentino couture show. Colored eyeliner for the bun: The trend combination for this summer Think of the simplest and most... Read More ⇒

Eye Shadow In Neon Colors: 5 Professional Tips To Create The Trend Look Yourself

Fresh from the Fall / Winter 2021/22 Off-White catwalk, make-up artist Morgane Martini shows us how to create the perfect neon eye with a modern twist. Eye shadows in neon tones are currently booming in beauty. Last week, singer Selena Gomez showed off her neon coral pink makeup that fades... Read More ⇒

Jennifer Lopez: She Looks 20 Years Younger Thanks To These 8 Beauty Tips

Is she 52 or only 32 years old? Jennifer Lopez just doesn't seem to be aging. We'll tell you how the star stays so fit. Jennifer Lopez's Beauty Tricks Jennifer Lopez just celebrated her 52nd birthday. Visually, however, the twin mother just doesn't seem to age. The actress... Read More ⇒

6 Makeup Artists You Should Be Following On Instagram Right Now

From Marcelo Gutierrez to Ammy Drammeh, these six make-up artists make you want more. We introduce the six most promising young make-up artists in the beauty world. If you get into the rousing beauty vortex on Instagram, you can feel overwhelmed. Almost kaleidoscopic, the colorfully... Read More ⇒

Balenciaga Couture: How To Create This Breathtaking Eyeliner Too (In Just 2 Steps)?

Balenciaga Couture: The straight eyeliner was a special highlight of the show. We'll show you how to style it. Balenciaga Couture: Classic eyeliner with special details The return of FOMO ("Fear Of Missing Out") has been the subject of much discussion since restaurants - and borders... Read More ⇒

Younger Makeup With This Eye Makeup

Nobody really has anything against looking a few years younger. We reveal how to properly make up your eyes to look younger. With the right eye make-up, you can look a few years younger immediately. We reveal what you should pay attention to when applying make-up in order not to look... Read More ⇒

How Can You Enhance Your Own Natural Lip Color?

You are enviable. Babies are born and have that perfect lip shade: rosewood-colored, a little darker than your own skin. The children do not care about the lip tone. Not so with the older generation: a healthy, intense lip color has always been a sign of vitality. For thousands of years, people... Read More ⇒

Selena Gomez Brings Us The Coolest Beauty Look Of Summer So Far With Neon Eyeshadow And Nails

Selena Gomez in bright colors: with neon eye shadow and a matching manicure, she provides the perfect summer inspiration. Selena Gomez convinces with glowing eye shadow and neon nails It seems like Selena Gomez's beauty motto for 2021 is clearly bright. It all started with her switch... Read More ⇒
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