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White Eyeliner: Elegant Makeup Trend 2023: Eyeliner And Eyeliner In White

An eyeliner based on the model of Audrey Hepburn is best known as an accurately curved line in deep black, for which the icon is envied to this day. In the summer of 2021, however, it is worth making a decisive color change - from black to white. Salvatore Ferragamo's runway looks to serve as... Read More ⇒

Princess Diana: 27 Beauty Looks for Summer That We Still Want to Wear Today

Immerse yourself in Princess Diana's best summer beauty looks. Her fondness for bright blue eyeliner and sun-kissed highlights suggests that Princess Diana loved summer as much as the rest of us. Just as her holiday ensembles became iconic - the swimsuit with an animal print, in which... Read More ⇒

Eye Catcher! Gigi Hadid Delivers The Perfect Eye Makeup For The Summer

A touch of tangerine yellow eyeshadow in the inner corners of the eyes, a flawless complexion, and lips in a flattering nude shade - Gigi Hadid knows how perfect summer make-up works. How can a color-intensive eyeshadow be combined with a natural, fresh look in summer? Gigi Hadid leads the... Read More ⇒

Lipstick Trend: Soft Brown Tones For Summer 2023

Since last year, make-up trends have been focusing even more on naturalness. Not least because elaborate beauty looks don't go very well with face masks. As a result, dark circles and small bumps were mainly concealed. Instead of bright colors, earthy and soft tones enjoyed new popularity,... Read More ⇒

Marilyn Monroe - With These 9 Rituals She Became A Beauty Icon

From "slugging" to ice-cold baths to her favorite shade of blonde - with these beauty steps, Marilyn Monroe became an icon. Marilyn Monroe was - and still is - the ultimate beauty icon who had a penchant for glamor that still resonates with many of us today - from her red lips to her... Read More ⇒

Arizona Muse: Top Model's 5 Green Tips For A More Responsible Beauty Routine

100% Green More than ever in 2021, stars, fashion, and beauty brands are committed to the planet. Model and climate activist, Arizona Muse becomes the first Sustainable Development spokesperson for the Aveda brand. The opportunity to prick her green and ecological beauty tips. Is his... Read More ⇒

Beauty Trend: Red Lips In Everyday Life Never Go Out Of Style

It's a rare sight. A passer-by walks quickly through the pedestrian zone, two things stay in the memory: her flowing trench coat and her bright red lips. When was the last time you consciously noticed lipstick? Red lipstick will never go out of style, even if it is currently worn less due to... Read More ⇒

Lipstick Trend: Peach Lips Will Be Worn In Summer 2023

Light pastel tones have been with us for a long time: delicate pastel nuances have been part of fashion since the 1950s. A trend that actress Doris Day already celebrated. Whether pistachio, pink, light blue, lilac, or peach - pastel tones can be wonderfully combined with one another without being... Read More ⇒

Jennifer Lopez: With These 7 Simple Steps You Can Copy Her Soft Smokey Eyes Look

Radiantly beautiful: We'll tell you how you can easily imitate Jennifer Lopez's latest make-up look. Jennifer Lopez: Her new look is so beautiful After experiments with XXL extensions, a 90s blow-dryer hairstyle, and an oversized ponytail, Jennifer Lopez now has a new look: She is... Read More ⇒

Sun Protection For The Lips - These Balms Are A Summer Alternative To Lipstick

In addition to the face, the lips also need good sun protection in summer. Here are a selection of the best lip sun protection products. Have you ever thought about which sunscreen would be the best for your lips? We know how important it is to apply a good sunscreen to the face, which is... Read More ⇒

Eiza González: This Is Her Makeup Trick For Perfectly Defined Facial Contours

The Mexican actress showed on Instagram how she creates her radiant beauty look. Eiza González always inspires us with her outfits, but we can also learn a lot from the Mexican actress when it comes to beauty. She just showed up with an enchanting make-up look during the promotional tour... Read More ⇒

Lipsticks In Shades Of Brown - Which Is Why We Are Now Focusing On The 90s Trend

Lipsticks in shades of brown bring the 90s nostalgia back to life and give you a feeling of security in times of change. For the whole of last year I only used minimal make-up, apart from the occasional eye make-up to hide my tiredness, I did not use lipsticks or other beauty products. I... Read More ⇒
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