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Ella Emhoff: Kamala Harris' stepdaughter sets new beauty goals with her style

Ella Emhoff and her style make her a new source of inspiration. Her curly pony hairstyle and her style set new standards: Kamala Harris' stepdaughter Ella Emhoff shows how her hairstyle leaves a lasting impression and can be worn in many ways. Ella Emhoff as styling inspiration for... Read More ⇒

Soap Brows: The beauty trend will change your makeup routine forever

Many of us desire full eyebrows. With the soap-browser ritual, nothing stands in the way of your dream. Soap Brows: A Beauty Trend That Will Change Your Makeup Routine Forever. The once common bar of soap is given a new and important meaning in these times. But who would have guessed that... Read More ⇒

Thin eyebrows: How to effectively stimulate their growth?

Anyone who wore the eyebrow popular at the time in the 90s - trimmed so thinly that one could hardly speak of an eyebrow - knows the problem today. Frequent and excessive plucking of the eyebrow hairs will eventually stop the new hairs. At the same time, this is a typical consequence of the natural... Read More ⇒

Worldwide beauty secrets

How do Brazilians groom themselves? What do French women value most? And what is the secret of German women? We take a look at the beauty rituals of women around the world. This is how the world creams, makeup, and smells. Worldwide beauty secrets: this is what countries value The ideal of... Read More ⇒

Party Nights Trend: Shimmery Metallic Eye Makeup

The end of a year has never been so desired. Because 2020 was not so fantastic. It had to be full of glamorous events, parties, and premieres. Unlike; The whole world lived 2020 with discipline, renunciation, and patience. We even celebrated the departure of 2020 on a small scale rather than cool... Read More ⇒

14 ideas for our beauty and wellness routine on 2021

A little new awareness in the beauty routine can work wonders. The time has come to take better care of ourselves and our planet. Read here how you can do twice the good in 2021 - for example by supporting the right companies or investing in refillable lipstick. Good resolutions for 2021,... Read More ⇒

25 Ways to be the Queen of Unicorn Makeup

We. Love. Unicorns. Have you ever thought to yourself “I just want to wear glittery, pastel, rainbow-colored unicorn makeup and look like an ethereal queen”? 25 Unicorn Makeup Ideas that Absolutely Slay OK, so maybe that’s just us, but it is still fun as hell. We say, wear whatever makeup... Read More ⇒


I’ve seen many Angelina Jolie makeup tutorials and, although sometimes disappointing, most of the time it has been great fun to watch. However there is this one tutorial that simply stands out. Once you watch it you will know what I am talking about. You will see this girl transform into... Read More ⇒


Before I learned professional makeup application, I could come up with a myriad of reasons why my eye makeup won’t work. Each time it was something that was simply an inborn feature of mine, like partially hidden eyelids. Now that I know better, I am going to share with you a few makeup tips for... Read More ⇒


The celebs we adore on the screen are not how they appear off the screen. They look fabulous on the screen as they use makeup to contour the uneven face lines, wrinkles, pimples, and other skin problems. Here is a list of 25 celebrities who look extremely different from what they appear to be on... Read More ⇒

Euphoria's Makeup Artist Is Here To Teach You How To Master All The Beauty Looks

HBO's latest teen drama Euphoria depicts the dark underbelly of suburban teen lives dominated by drugs, booze, and sex. It's like Skins, but with more sexting. The show makes being a youth these days seem impossibly dramatic, so it makes sense that the characters' makeup looks would... Read More ⇒

8 Makeup Products Stay Put Through an 80-Degree Festival Weekend

For a girl who hates large crowds of sweaty, anxious teens, kicking through muddy grass, and unnecessarily long walks, I sure have trekked to a lot of festivals this season. While I wouldn’t call myself a seasoned festival guru (I haven’t attended Coachella, just yet).One thing I do have down pat... Read More ⇒
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