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The 8 rules of wearing a red lip

We all love the idea of a red lipstick to wear at night, adding instant sex appeal to any outfit, but in reality it can sometimes look a bit much, or like we've tried far too hard (or smudged it all over our teeth). So to makes things simpler we've made some hard, fast rules to live by,... Read More ⇒

10 Makeup Trends Worth Trying for a Mid-Year Update

Here are 10 cool new makeup trends we’re loving in 2019: Colorful Mascara Make your peepers pop with this bold new makeup trend. You’d be surprised how a colorful mascara can make your gaze stand out even more than the usual black or brown. Pick a color that’ll suit your eye color best or... Read More ⇒

Amazing Summer Makeup Trends You Need To Try

Warm and Fresh summer arrived! It is time to change your style in summer: your hairstyle, outfits and nails, especially your makeup look. We started to prefer shimmery bright and natural makeup look instead of thick makeup. There are many styles we can choose, unique Sunburn makeup, natural makeup,... Read More ⇒

Spring/ Summer 2019 Makeup Trends

Every fashion month poses an opportunity for the biggest names in makeup to decide how they would like to shift the beauty world. For the spring/ summer 2019 makeup trends, their focus was on clean, ethereal beauty punctuated by just a single messy or unusual element. This meant everything from... Read More ⇒

Makeup Trends 2019

The 2019 Beauty Trends are minimalist, and this is seen in the latest collections: grunge hairstyles, biker leather jackets and massive bottles no longer need black eyeliner and lipstick in wine shades. We are used to “simplify” the makeup in the spring, and even more so in the summer, when a... Read More ⇒
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